Monday, June 28, 2010

etsy insight: symbolic intereaction studio

(I want this.)

Let me start by saying, I'm currently obsessed with pearls.  Perhaps it's because I wore them for my wedding, or it's because I've rediscovered their classic beauty....but whatever it is I can't get enough.  AND THEN this incredible jewelry shop comes along and gives these little beauties a new fresh modern design, and I'm hooked.  Let me introduce you to one of our newest sponsors...Symbolic Interaction Studio.

Symbolic Interaction Studio offers dozens of unique and stunning designs.  And the best part - wicked affordable.  Lots of beautiful textures and colors and forms are explored in their pieces (and I'm talking WAY more than just pearls here....I just happen to be going through some sort of "pearl addiction"!).

Ahhh...really....these are only $14!?  Soooo pretty...and wedding perfect.  
(umm...or work perfect...or life perfect)

See - more than just pretty pearls!

I just love where Etsy takes me. Check out Symbolic Interaction Studio here.


  1. oooh so pretty and affordable! the best combination :)

  2. those are so pretty! I love the combination of industrial with organic pearls. I may need another new pair of earrings... damn you!

  3. Great prices. I do love pearls used in unexpected ways.



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