Thursday, June 17, 2010

hindsight bride: things i wish we'd done

Yesterday, The Hindsight Bride shared with us some things that she LOVED about her wedding.  Today, she shares the things she wish she had done.  I think we could all write up a list like this :-)


1)  Stayed true to my original priorities
When I wrote out an initial list with my top five priorities, photography was #5. As time when on, and D. and I spent countless hours on DIY projects, photography had climbed to one of my very top priorities. I wanted to remember every little detail. I emphasized this to the student photographer I had hired in an effort to save money. I took a real chance hiring a student photographer and lost. The pictures did not come out--at all.

2)  Pampered myself a bit more
The week before the wedding I was a DIY-ing fool. I was baking cakes, ironing bunting, and setting up the venue. I had no time for my hair or nails. The day of, I was running around piping frosting on my cake, decorating the ceremony site, and setting up tables. I had no time for hair and makeup. Not only did I not have a more polished bridal look, I also missed out on having some girl time with the Moms, my niece, and my bridesmaid.

3)  Spent more time with my mom
For 15 years, I have lived over 1000 miles away from my family. I see my mom once a year at best and once every three years at worst. It is a rare treat to talk to my mom face-to-face. Although my parents stayed in NC for nearly a week, the flurry of wedding day preparations prevented us from spending much time together. In hindsight, I wish I had spend some alone time with my mom. Maybe a spa day, or just going out to lunch together.

4)  Written our own vows
We recited the classic vows from the common book of prayer. In many ways I liked the formality and tradition of this type of ceremony. However, there are so many things that make D. special to me. I wish I had taken the opportunity to declare in front of our friends and family exactly how and why I love my husband so much.

5)  Kept a private journal of the process
As I talk to family and friends and reflect on our wedding for blogging purposes, I realize that I am fast forgetting some of the smaller details. I wish I had kept a small private journal to chronicle the process. For example, I wish I would have written down my thoughts the day I made the cake, or the day after the wedding when D. and I woke up in a lux B&B. The stuff that wouldn’t immediately go on a wedsite or a blog. I wish I had taken the time to write so my future self could enjoy and remember some of the smaller moments.

6)  Sent out save the dates:
Like Jes, we had a Memorial Weekend wedding. We thought about sending Save the Date Cards, but so many of our guests were from the area, we figured they weren’t really needed. Approximately 35% of our guests sent regrets, saying they had already made plans for Memorial Day. It was a bit disappointing.


  1. Oh, man. I have some hindsight things as well from our wedding. These are such great things for future brides to consider. Great points to stay focused on and think about. The time with family members...oh man, how the day just got away from me. And I wasn't even doing DIY projects! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is really valuable hindsight for those of us in the planning process. I really appreciate your honesty... I am going to keep all of this in mind as we move forward.

  3. You are so brave for listing the things you would have done. Every time I try to start a post on regrets it turns into an unpublishable rant where I get super down on my wedding. And it was my wedding! You rock, Christie! Seriously.

  4. Thanks for these tips!

    I am learning so much from others through blogs. Stuff I would have had no idea about.

  5. so, if it makes you feel better, i got married December 23 (yes, two days before Christmas) which fell on a Wednesday.

    I sent out save the dates and only 50% of my guest list showed up :)

  6. Great things to keep in mind! :) Thanks for that!



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