Friday, June 25, 2010

i heart mountains

I love the mountains...big time.  If I had to choose between an ocean view or a mountain view, I'm pretty sure I'd pick the mountains (and I might be the only person to choose that way!!!).  Today, The Hindsight Bride tells us why she "hearts" the mountains....and points out some drool-worthy mountaintop nuptials!

When Jes first started this blog, she mentioned being sick of mountain weddings being all about pinecones “I realized the huge void in finding mountain/forest/outdoor specific ideas. Especially on a very conservative budget. Or when I did find them, they were almost always pine cone themed.” 

I hear ya sister. And while I happen to like pine cones, I like other things too. So here is a tribute to mountain brides who march to the beat of their own drum and show that mountain weddings are not always about pinecones!

The Berkshires from Snippet and Ink

Nothing says mountains to me like mismatched anything. The rugged, make-do tradition of the mountains is best reflected in “found objects.” Little scraps of  paper and fabric, mix-matched vases, old books and ephemera, and yes, sticks, and twigs, and the occasional  pinecone.

British Columbia from 100 Layer Cake:

 You got to love  couples that incorporate unique venue features, like, well, llamas. I also found the literary references sweet. You really feel like you know what a couple is all about when they put this kind of thought into their wedding and décor.

Sundance Wedding from Green Wedding Shoes

Talk about rustic elegance. I find it nothing short of amazing that this couple made the old-school paneling of their venue look perfect with the rest of their décor: burlap, wooden cake stands, and yellow wedding shoes.

Pacific Northwest wedding from SMP

 Isn’t this venue amaaaazing!? And the snow cats add the right pop of color. I love it when the photographer can capture such whimsy from such an industrial-looking piece of machinery.

The Rockies from Martha

There is so much I love about this mountain wedding, least of all the chair lift bridal shots. I love, love, love the vintage “top-of-the-world” design on the invitations. Suggesting mountains without being obvious gets a big thumbs up in my book. I also have to point out the intense blue of the sky. It actually looks like that in the high western altitudes ladies; that’s not photoshop!


  1. what gorgeous little snippets! no pine cones necessary :)

  2. Some of my favorites - love that Sundance wedding - used it as inspiration for my own wedding. I love the mountains too - traded the beaches of FL where I live for the mountains for the wedding. But it's such a toss up - the ocean calls me and the mountains ground me - love them both!

  3. I'd pick the mountains over the ocean any day! That's why we're getting married in the mountains here in Southern CA instead of at the beach.

  4. I hear ya. How can a pine cone, though beautiful, sum up the mountains?

    I am in the mountains in the southeast. Here, we have mountain lakes, moss, rocks, green mountains turning purple in the distance, wildflowers, dogwoods, and four seasons, etc ...

    I solve my love of both mountains and water by gravitating to the lakes we have here Because of the red soil, the water in the lakes is a medium to deep greenish-turquoise color most of the time.

  5. oh my goodness
    the sundance wedding!
    so gorgeous
    there are plenty of other things to incorporate into mountain weddings
    then pinecones

  6. I love all of them, and each one is worth the click to see the whole shebang! WooHoo Mountain Brides!

  7. I think this theme is best for the wedding. The advantage of this wedding is less cost with enjoyable party. You have to care of accident on mountain.



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