Wednesday, June 30, 2010

meet my dress

my dress - sketched by Megan Hamilton (she's amazing...look what she did with my mom's dress here!)

My dress.  There is a lot of back-story there.  20ish days before the wedding I wasn't wearing this dress...  I was going to wear a simple silk JCrew dress... and some interesting things happened.  (I will obviously share...but this is not the post for that.)  

I just wanted to take a moment to love on my fancy shmancy bridal gown

I loved wearing this freaking dress.  Loved it.  I have never felt so beautiful.  In my entire life.  It had sparkly glittery stuff all over it...and beads....and pearls... and pretty LACE.  It had a sweetheart neckline.  A mermaid-ish cut....and a freaking train.  Every single bridal gown element that made me roll my eyes while planning my wedding. Who knew?  

I loved everything about wearing this dress...and when the end of the night came, and the gown had to come off, I stood in front of the mirror in our hotel for a few solid minutes.  I wanted to remember the weight of the fabric, the sparkle of the beads, the delicate swirls of the lace.  I admired it on my curvy body...and maybe twirled a few times.

I felt like the belle of the ball all day....and I was.

Thank you, dear dress, for being such a beautiful addition to my wedding experience.


  1. jes i'm drooling. that sketch is could only look magical on!

  2. I love that sketch!! I just sent the link to my husband and told him that would make a great anniversary gift :)

  3. "I will obviously share...but this is not the post for that."

    Yes, the sketch is beautiful. But I see what you're up to - you are slowly torturing us, which I'm sure isn't in the Hippocratic Oath, Doctor. LOL! :D

  4. It is a twirl-worthy dress!

  5. Sneaky! I can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. God, I love those Megan Hamilton sketches. Your dress is gorgeous! I can't wait to see more!

  7. i CANNOT wait to see photos of this banging dress

  8. That dress is gorgeous!! Oooh I can't wait for pictures!

  9. Any plans to wear it again in say a Rock the Dress shoot?

  10. Gorgeous dress; the sketch is lovely too.

    Cant wait to hear how you ended up wearing this one.

  11. That sketch is gorgeous, but I bet the dress was even more beautiful ON YOU.

    Can't wait to see pictures.



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