Tuesday, June 15, 2010

update: half way to our new home

Bloggy friends....it's been so long!  Do you miss me???  I have a couple zillion stories to share... obviously....it's been the craziest whirlwind of celebrations these past couple weeks. 

I focused so much energy on our wedding, on our new marriage, and on completeing all of the requirements for medical school and wrapping up all of those loose ends, not to mention the insanity of packing up our belongings for a big move across the country, that I neglected to analyze the emotional impact of saying goodbye to my family.

It was hard.

Because we don't know if we will ever move back to Arizona.  And the reality of moving away from my family hit me in the face as I hugged my mom for the last time. 

Anyhow...for now just know that Tommy and I are chuggin' away in our gorged vehicles...enjoying the landscape of our beautiful country.

I LOVE ROADTRIPS....with my husband :-)


  1. Yes, you've been missed! I look forward to reading about your adventures...and seeing your new, snazzy, New York way of living. :)


  2. I can't wait to read everything! I don't know how you did it all Jes!

  3. I second that. I don't know how you did it all either! You must have the energy of 10 people. ;) We'll be here waiting when you come back.

  4. Oh bless your heart, busy busy. Have fun and be safe!

  5. I also am looking forward to hearing about how things are on the other side (of many things).

  6. Road trips are the best! Can't wait to hear the scoop on your life the past few weeks.

  7. yayyyy husband road trips!
    can't wait until its my turn
    good luck beauty



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