Sunday, July 18, 2010

the best chocolate covered almonds in the world

Well.  I just found my own little heaven.  The Superior Nut Company. OHMYGOD.

I'm sortof in love with the idea of using little sweets and treats as favors at weddings.  You know, at the end of the night, hours after the dinner was served, and there is no cake left to be found....after dancing your heart out and drinking wine, all you really want is something delish.  A little organza bag of nuts or chocolate would be perfection.  Superior Nut sent me some samples of their products....and now I'm sold.

I've never eaten such divine dark chocolate covered almonds in my life.  In. My. Life.  I ate them immediately.  Didn't even have time to take a picture....seriously.  A bag....gone.   Not just that...but mouthwatering giant cashews (I ate that whole bag too.  By myself.), and mixed nut selections that would put the Plantar's Peanut man to shame.

In browsing their site, I noticed they have this rad "DEAL BAR" at the top of the page...where they have special deals for a day.  Today, I noticed that their special is 50% off favor bags with the purchase of a 5lb. bag of Jordan almonds.  Hello rockin' wedding guest gifts!!

I also got a bag of these:  Tiramisu Cordials (tiramisu flavored center surrounded with rich dark chocolate and Amaretto Cordial)  Did you die a little bit reading that?  Yea.  These are incredible.  They might be gone already too. 

In hindsight, a lil kick of chocolate covered protein at the end of the night would have been a great addition to our fiesta.  Huge yum factor.  Did you serve treats at your wedding?

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