Sunday, July 25, 2010

murano glass

I want to take a lil break from wedding talk...and gush about art.  Tommy and I visited the Corning Museum of Glass recently....their exhibit "Medieval Glass: For Popes, Princes, and Peasants" was divine.  It made me want to be a glass blower.  Today, I just can't get enough of my Murano glass vase...I just keep staring at it.

I studied Art History in college.  I wrote one of my thesis papers on glass as a medium...and am completely smitten with this art form.  When my parents and sisters took a family vacation (without me because of med school) they purchased the most spectacular vase for me in Venice - it is unbelievable.  They also bought me a couple short, and one long.  I love.  They are my treasures.

I found a lovely online Murano Glass Shop and wanted to share!  Browse their gallery of Murano Glass Jewelry!   Spectacular!  Or daydream, like me, and check our their stunning collection of Murano Glass Vases!  Ohhhh a girl can dream.


  1. Its really cute and colorful, maybe its best to place on light places.

  2. Beautiful. There is an artist in Fargo who does glass blowing and I actually got to see him in the process of creating a piece! It was amazing stuff and I wish I had bought something!



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