Friday, July 2, 2010

our random rehearsal

Do you remember me telling you that Tommy's bachelor party was in Vegas during those few days leading up to the wedding?  They arrived in Flagstaff moments before our Welcome Dinner was scheduled to take place, and I knew that a "real" rehearsal was out of the question.

So we weren't going to do a rehearsal.  Didn't think it was entirely necessary, as it is fairly self explanatory.  Except, then I changed my mind.  Which happened  A LOT in those days/moments leading up to our wedding.

So, when the boys got into town from their wild Vegas extravaganza, we set up an impromptu "rehearsal" in the lobby of our hotel.  Everyone got to meet, we coupled everyone up, lined 'em up, and did a lil run through.

*we lined people up pretty much according to height...and then they were organized in such a way that our siblings were closest to us at the alter. 

Boy am I glad we DID this rehearsal!!  A bunch of things came up that we didn't know how to address.  Like:  did we want the Officiant to ask my Dad, "Who presents this woman to be wed" or something like that.  What would my Dad say?  Would he hug me and Tommy?  Would he put our hands together?  GEEEZ.  I never really thought about those details.  There was nobody there to tell me what to Tommy and I looked at each other and decisions were made.

I kept streamlining everything...making some of those things as SIMPLE as possible.  I was proud.

The plan:
- Officiant asks "who presents this woman to be wed?"
- Dad responds: "her family and I do."
- me and Dad hug
- Dad shakes Tommy's hand
- Dad sit's down.

Well, it didn't end up mattering anyway.  It didn't go according to plan.  Nobody noticed, and nobody cared.

Originally, during our rehearsal, my teddy bear of a dad hugged me and whispered into my ear that he and my mom loved me and I totally lost it and started crying.  DURING THE REHEARSAL.  I made him promise not to do that during our real deal.   (That might sound harsh...but whereas I enjoy sweet sentimental moments with those I love, I prefer them to be more private.  Crying, really crying, in public, just really isn't my thing.  My Dad understands that....he is the best.)

So yes, I'm a big believer in rehearsals now.  I think it makes the wedding party a lil less nervous to know what they are doing, who they are walking with, and where they are going.  And it made me a lil less nervous too. Even though ours was in the hotel lobby, it worked out great.

What was unexpected was that this lil random rehearsal got ME ALL EXCITED!!!

*ps: I mentioned yesterday that I started residency yesterday.  I really really hope that I will have the ability to keep blogging...because my schedule is so intense I have no idea when I will ever have a spare minute to myself again!!!  no...seriously.


  1. Rehearsal. A BIG YES. I thought it would be so self explanatory and at the rehearsal it became apparent that no, it was NOT self explanatory, and much direction was needed. Thank god we did it!

  2. Sweet story. Please don't knock yourself out worrying about the blog. Blog when you have time and feel you have energy. I told you about my friend who used to recruit doctors and he has said many times that residency is extremely challenging. Hope you get enough rest!

  3. i couldnt believe how many details we hammered out in the rehearsal...very necessary. and um, you better keep blogging!

  4. Yeah, it is hard to believe, but even remembering which finger the ring is supposed to go on, on your partner, somehow becomes fuzzy. :) Rehearsals do help! :)

  5. love that story about your dad. oh goodness. i would lose it too.
    seriously though, such good advice about the rehearsal!
    will definitely keep this in mind coming up!
    thanks jes

  6. Sounds wonderful Jes! Good luck with your residency. We are all rooting for you!



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