Sunday, July 11, 2010

wedding rings

see my pretty lil engagement ring?  One Love Photo

I love my wedding ring.  It's also my engagement ring.  I only need one.

However, I've been told this choice was ridiculous...and I clearly NEED to have both an engagement and a wedding ring.  When people say things like that, and express real concern about something so trivial all I can do is laugh.  It's the 21st century people!  We make our own rules about these things now.   

As much as I adore my ring of tiny diamonds, I think if I had to do it again, I would perhaps insist on just a simple band.  More and more, I'm spotting simple wedding bands on women my age.  I love that look.  I'm literally enamored with the simplicity of it all.  I'm sure that "the bigger the better" mentality is still the norm for many, but it's never been my thing.  Plus, with a hard hitting recession and a mountain of student debt staring me in the eyeballs, wearing a fortune on one finger seems superfluous.  Ehh, that's what I think.

The ring Tommy selected for his own wedding ring is simple and stylish.  He picked out a radical titanium ring and we were both surprised with their affordability.  It was perfect for what he wanted.


  1. I have an engagement ring. Tiny diamonds, nothing that pokes out. However, I only ever wear my band. Titanium (super-cheap) and matches hubby's. Jes, also nice about the band is the ability to put latex gloves on and when you need to take it off for surgery, you are a bit less worried about it (don't get me wrong, I'd be devastated, but at least not financially too).

  2. I love my engagement ring. I don't wear my wedding band much... or I do one or the other... somehow together it's just too much (and they are fairly simple) The Jeweler talked us into getting a wedding band in addition to the engagement ring, but I see more and more the engagement ring given during the ring exchange. Make your own rules for your wedding. Do what makes you happy!

  3. "I love my wedding ring. It's also my engagement ring. I only need one."

    Same here! Mine is just a silver band with a floral etching. And I love it. :)

  4. I'm having both, but they are super simple. I'd get annoyed wearing a big rock around all day.

  5. I'd love to see a photo of your band and where to get it! Looking for something as a anniversary band.

  6. Love this post! It reminds me too of the comments I got on engagement - semi-sincere and less than enthusiastic. They expected a huge rock.
    My ring was part of a set and was only complete with the wedding ring and eternity ring, however on its own was really small.

    I think too many people are hung up on bigger being better, whereas it's the sentiment and love that are important.

  7. Well, bigger and better is uniquely American. I read that Europeans can tell an American before they open their mouths just by their diamonds.

    I was also a "one ring" person in my last marriage and will be the same for the next one. I love jewelry, but rings feel uncomfortable on me. I have always been astounded that people go for size rather than beauty and artistry.

  8. BTW, the big controversy about rings tends to fade completely once you're married.

    People only like to weigh in while there's a choice. Afterward, people just accept it.

  9. I worked in jewelry for 5 years and it didn't take long to learn that there is no "right way" when it comes to rings. Everyone is different and should do what fits them.

  10. This is a great post, Jes. Kudos to you for following your heart and bucking societal norms. What matters is your love for each other...not how many rings or how many diamonds are on your finger.

  11. I agree, engagement rings can be superfluous and not always necessary. I mean, if you have your heart set on one that's one thing, but if you really don't care, then don't just do it because everyone else does. I personally opted to skip the engagement ring (yes, many family members were horrified) and my now-husband and I picked a beautiful 3.5mm wide wedding band we found at an antique store. It's 22k gold, from 1915 (it was engraved with the last person's wedding date on the inside) and beautifully engraved with flowers all the way around. I am perfectly content, and I don't have to deal with a rock getting caught on things, accidentally scratching myself and so forth. I also totally agree with one of the above comments- no one even cares or brings it up after the wedding.



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