Thursday, August 5, 2010

it's a beautiful day

It was a funny feeling, watching our bridal leave me behind and walk towards my Groom.  One by one my bridesmaids would look back at me and smile...and I'd wave or wink.  My best friends and sisters with arms linked to Tommy's best friends.  It was exciting.

The order of our procession was a tad on the nontraditional side.  Tommy accompanied my mother down the aisle, followed by Tommy's parents, then two by two our bridal party joined them.  Traditionally, I know that the groomsmen all walk out with the Groom in one massive male herd and the bridesmaids walk out solo....that's how every wedding I've ever been to has flowed.  Except, I always felt sooo awkward walking down by myself as a bridesmaid, so I knew my girls would walk down with handsome men at their sides.  Plus, since my Dad was walking me down the aisle, it was lovely that Tommy walked my mom down.  Tommy had no reservations about being up there by himself for a few moments - he was pretty much the star of the show so it all worked out fab!
Tommy selected the U2 song, Beautiful Day, as the processional song.  Talk about a glorious song choice.  It WAS a beautiful day!!  Our beautiful day.  Whenever I hear it now, my belly gets all sorts of butterflies :-)


  1. That was the song we used when we entered the reception, very upbeat and fitting for the day/moment!

  2. Everyone walking in with a partner sounds pretty. I don't know the song, so I'll have to listen.

  3. I love that song; it reminds me of blue bird powder days back in the Sierra. And what an amazing song to walk down the aisle to-- so joyful and exuberant!

  4. aw. I like that everyone walks in with a partner. we weren't terribly formal but I sent my maid of honor with G's best man and my dad walked me down.



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