Monday, September 6, 2010 hella annoyed.

This is a bit of a healthcare rant - so be forewarned.  

Was organizing the huge pile of mail scattered around our house this weekend.  Like I said last week, my current rotation is pretty much the most time consuming thing ever - and my hubby is now working two jobs to try and make some dough too.  It doesn't leave very much time for our "life" responsibilities....oooops.  This "grown up" thing is sometimes tough to manage.

And we are going to be parents?  Holy shit. 


I got a bill from my ObGyn's office.  Two actually.  And Tommy got a bill from his last doctor's appointment (mandatory work physical and such.)  To put it lightly, we owe a crap ton of money.  AND we have insurance.  EXPENSIVE health insurance...where we pay a few hundred every month...and yet...the coverage clearly blows because we are still liable for loads of cash.

AAAaaaaaannnnnnndddd I have to go get more blood work done this week.  Literally....each item they tested in my blood on the last set of labs were over $150 each...and they tested 6 things in my blood...I'm signed up for EIGHT more labs this week.  

Oh.  And did I mention yet that I don't get a maternity leave?  Nope.  I sure don't. I'm sure I will rant and rave about this fun lil fact more than a few times in the upcoming months.  Just so you know.

I am annoyed. 

Just gotta breathe.


  1. oh sister....hang in there.

    just to think, you are providing health care to all sorts of people. many of those people will never pay for the care you provide them. so you and your husband pay more for your health care to compensate for the free health care that gets given out (by people like us) since you will pay for it..

    tragically unfair.

  2. I can't even begin to imagine how much that sucks.

    It seems ridiculous to me- especially since you are contributing to health care for everyone.

    I have an idea! Move to Australia!

  3. Your situation is pretty extreme. How can it be possible that you don't get a maternity leave? I would think that is against the law?

    You don't even want to know what I think about that.

    One idea ... could you postpone your entire residency? Or can you take a break in the middle of it?

    Just thought I'd throw that (possibly useless) idea out there.

  4. Are you sure it's the actual bill? Usually I get 1 or 2 statements before I get the actual bill. And it normally takes like 3 months before I am required to pay anything (From doc visit to actual bill received) because they first send a statement for the insurance company then the insurance gets the cost lowered and pay their part, then you are billed the remainder.

    If that's not the case- then I'm really sorry you have to be in that situation!

    and if your company doesn't offer paid maternity leave, you can usually file for unemployment pay during FMLA

  5. How do you not get leave. Isn't that illegal? I heard in Switzerland even the guy get leave.. wouldn't that be nice?

  6. That seems crazy insane to me. We have the National Health Service here, which as much as people bitch about, ensures no crazy bills. AND you're giving back to the community through your work and you still get nothing. That sucks.
    But chin up lady. If anyone can deal with it with style, it's you. x

  7. no maternity leave? WHAT? that should be against the law! ugh...hang in there.

  8. I'm so sorry you guys are in such a stressful place. I can only imagine.
    Only reading what you posted about no maternity leave doesn't give me a lot of context, and I'm sure you already know this but the Family Medical Leave act grants you 12 weeks of maternity leave (but as a resident you might not be an employee?)
    Hang in there! :)

  9. WTF! I mean seriously? You're working in a medical profession and you don't get maternity leave? What are you supposed to do, fart out a baby while making your rounds? I'm annoyed too. No, I'm pissed! WTF!

    And I hear you about insurance. I think I fractured my knuckle playing soccer last summer. It was really swollen and hurt/burned for a long time. I still don't have full range of movement with it. But I do have full insurance. What I typically don't have is the $600 deductible and a 20% co-pay. I am *fully* insured and still can't afford to get proper medical care when I need it. It's totally ridiculous!

    On another note, hospitals are usually pretty good about working out a sliding scale payment plan. Good luck my dear!

  10. So sorry! Our healthcare system is in serious need of reform (and - not to get political on you - but I'm not talkin' Obama-reform). ;)

    Also - why don't you get maternity leave? That is insanity.

    You deserve a glass of sparkling cider and a foot rub.

  11. Bless your heart. I will say a prayer for you right now.



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