Wednesday, September 15, 2010

prettiest for my earlobes

When it came to figuring out wedding jewelry, I must admit, I spent tooooo many hours browsing Etsy!  I was into wearing big sparkly gemstone dress was VERY simple so fun jewelry would have worked nicely.  Except - I couldn't make my mind I'm not really a flashy jewelry kinda lady.  I tend to wear sterling silver earrings of the tiny hoop and little stud variety almost everyday (I love loooooooove always looks so fresh and clean).  So I kept going back to those pieces....and was thinking about wearing the jewelry of my everyday for the "big day."

Except, then the fancy dress came into the picture...with all her beadwork and pearls... and it became clear that gemstone earrings would be too much...and my everyday obsession with silver earrings didn't quite go either.

In the end, I wore pearls.  My mom has given me and my sisters oodles of pearls over the years (they are her favorite!).  So...I wore a pair of pearls that my mom had given me years ago.  And I loved that they were from her - and I think she loved that too ;-)

Did you wear earrings??  How did you decide!?


  1. Very good call: The pearls are sweet and classic.

    But I kinda wanna know more about those gold bangles. Fun!

    I am still trying to figure out what jewelry to wear. Less than a month out. Eek. I am not a big jewelry person either. My dress is very simple, so there's room to play. Any suggestions? xo.

  2. A friend who enjoys beading made me my jewelry! I was so touched. She made me some simple drop earrings and a pretty cord necklace that we designed together.

  3. i ended up buying a pair of earrings 2 days before the wedding on clearance at dillards. I just could not find what i was looking for...but they worked out great!

  4. yep, i wore earrings. they just completed the look. especially with an updo.

  5. Hi,Nicole.I don't want to be spammy or anything,but I make jewelry.And I also do a lot of browsing on etsy and other places,and could probably help you find a pair,if none of my pieces would do it for you.One pair I just came up with are tulle earrings.I can even make lace earrings,too.Though what I mostly do is wirework.
    If you or anyone is interested,send me a message,and I'll be happy to help.

  6. I wore small turquoise earrings that a loved one made me. The turquoise came from a mine in my hometown ;) I've worn them everyday since.

  7. i wore a beutiful pair or silver pendants, resembling leaves...ask away if you wanna see it!

  8. I love it that you stayed true to yourself and managed to incorporate your mom and sisters into your jewelry choice.

  9. Aww she must have loved it! I wore my mom's pearl necklace and bracelet - it was so special.

    BTW, congrats!!!!!! I need to email you soon!

  10. I think the pearl earrings were the perfect match for your dress! I also wore my mom's small pearl necklace for my wedding too - my something borrowed.

  11. Your earrings were perfectly classy (and so petite). Very pretty.

    I didn't wear earrings at my wedding (9 years ago). I don't have my ears pierced so it was an easy decision. ;)



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