Monday, September 13, 2010

you're you read blogs??

I've been surrounded by engaged gals at work.  Nurses, medical students, other doctors.  I always feel like saying to them, OH I KNOW WEDDINGS!!! 

The other day I was doing paperwork next to a couple nurses who were discussing their future wedding plans.  My ears perked right up - I wanted soooo much to interject...and tell them, all about our dessert table, our vows our flowers...our photos.  Yet, they were clearly talking glam weddings - comparing the weddings featured in the resent glossy wedding magazines (which I haven't even thumbed through in about 10 months or so).

It was then that I totally invited myself into the conversation - politely inquired if they read bridal blogs - to which they replied they didn't.

Oh.  Not every bride is addicted to bridal blogs?  Weird.  (umm...note my sarcasm ok.)

I quickly wrote down the names of a couple of my fave wedding blogs, and shared it with them.  There was so much I wanted to share with these girls - but it wasn't my conversation.  I did walk away with a little spring in my step - I did my good deed for that day. I just really hope they check out A Practical Wedding.

Do you ever share wedding blogs with your buds?  Umm..or strangers?


  1. I've gone so far as sharing articles from A Practical Wedding with my friends who aren't even thinking about getting married because sometimes they're just important issues that I feel they might not hear otherwise... no strangers yet though, maybe eventually =)

  2. Absolutely! When a colleague was planning her wedding, I gave her a list of wedding blogs (and tried to pawn off my wedding mags, too). She took the blog list but not the mags :) proving the ascendancy of New Media. (Further proof in the Sunday NYT style section).

    However, *my* blog was not on the list I gave her - I need to keep some space between my professional and blogiverse identities.

  3. I've done the same thing! Shared APW with a girl I kind of know on facebook (she was complaining about the WIC, so I thought she would appreciate other like-minded brides), and also a blogger who just got engaged, who I don't actually "know" at all, LOL.

  4. I work on a wedding magazine, so most of my colleagues know the genius that is discovering a blog that totally resonates with your ideal day, but I let a friend into the secret of my few favs (oh yes my dear, yours was on that list!!)and I don't think she ever looked back. And I made a new friend (the wife of my husband's best friend at work) who got married the week before us and it turned out we were reading the exact same wedding blogs. Small world, eh! xx

  5. I have tried so hard to get people to read the blogs but usually they give me a blank look and say something like "oh, I don't really read the internet" and get back to whatever they were talking about. eh.

  6. Yes and A Practical Wedding is at the top of the list always!

  7. Yes. Pretty obsessed with them. I realized that I only looked at one bridal mag, which was given to me. I mean, blogs have everything I need to know. I do find, its more of the DIYers and designers who read them. So I feel pretty much alone in the real world and so connected with like minds when I'm on-line.
    And I never used to look at any before wedding blogs. Life changing.

  8. I <3 blogs. I try and share them with friends, but so many of them just don't get it. Oh well. That's why I have IRL friends, and blog buddies! I've never met any of my blog buddies, but that doesn't mean I don't feel a connection to them.



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