Wednesday, October 6, 2010

apple picking = best thing ever

I have no idea how I have lived my ENTIRE life and never gone apple picking.  My mom made several attempts for us to pick apples in the beautiful mountains of southern California when we were small children...but due to random bouts of bad weather it never worked out (like one time she made us reservations, then drove us several hours to the orchard, only to find the orchard closed due to cold weather!)

So, this weekend, Tommy took me and my Mom into the beautiful apple orchards of upstate New York.  SO AMAZING.  First of all, I didn't know apples grew the way the that was a fun surprise.  Second, the smell of the orchards was divine...smelled like crisp apples... didn't anticipate that either!

Anyway - the three of us were smiling SO SUPER CRAZY BIG all morning because it was such a beautiful sunshiny day, and we were doing this simple, yet fun outdoorsy, autumn activity together...surrounded by the colorful leaves that fall has brought to us here. 

Oh - and then we proceeded to eat apple crisp and drink fresh apple cider from the mill untill our bellies hurt.  It was beyond glorious.  Truly.

One of my favorite days.

Now we have 30+ pounds of several varieties of apples in our fridge.  Can't wait to show you what the heck we are going to do with all that yumminess!!!
 There were pretty little wooden signs at the foot of each row of trees indicating the type of apple...cute right?

 Tommy could easily reach all the apples at the tops of the trees.

 My first apple!!

 They grow in CLUSTERS!  I didn't know they did that.  I was amazed.  

 Empire apples in The Empire State!

 Then I saw these ASTORS growing among the Jonagold's and I got so excited.  Astors were in my wedding bouquet.  I love them.

I think an autumn wedding in the apple orchards of upstate New York would be the dreamiest occasion!!  Seriously, don't you?


  1. Oh boy. If you like Asters, you should see where I live. There are huge masses of those lilac Asters growing everywhere, right next to Goldenrod and inky-purple Poke Berries.

    The Asters bloom every autumn.

    I could walk down the driveway and pick enough for thousands of vases ... literally.

  2. What a fun fun day. I don't think anything beats the autumn sunshine. Spiced apple Chutney must be on the list of what to make - my husband made it last Christmas and it was crazy amazing!! xx

  3. We went apple-picking several times in my childhood. Happy memories. And I don't think I've ever tasted apple cider quite that good since!



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