Monday, October 25, 2010

girl or boy?

 we just want a happy healthy baby!!  via Sarah Neal Photography

This is the first question people ask me once they find out I'm pregnant..."do you know what you are having!?"  (Well....we find out week actually!)  The second question is typically..."do you want a boy or a girl!?"  Which I find to be a terrible question...because...well...we'll be excited about either!

Yet the truth is, when we first found out we were having a baby, I could really only picture myself raising a little girl...I grew up surrounded by girls - with sisters and female cousins...all my best friends as a kid were girls and almost all the kiddos I ever babysat were well behaved little girls..  I still have my childhood dolls and stuffed animals at my parents house somewhere...and nearly all of my favorite childhood books had strong female characters (Anne of Green Gables, Nancy Drew, any of those American Girl books, Little House on the Prairie, Harriet the get it.)

Not to mention, little boys kindof intimidate me.  I've never really been around them too much...I feel like I would have no idea what to do with one.  How do you ninja??  Or tonka truck rally?   Plus...I recall all the trouble makers in every class I was ever in as a child were little boys...and aren't little boys suppose to have reputations as being little terrors? 


Then.   I started seeing the most well behaved little boys around town.  I'm not kidding...everywhere.  Even little baby boys in the hospital.  Even respectful jr. high school aged boys in clinic.  I kept hearing such sweet stories about sons from the nurses and staff members I interact with.  And something kindof clicked in me....because now I'm confident that I would love to have a little boy.  Especially if he grows up to be a nice man like his daddy...that would be so wonderful.

I'm just so excited to be a mother at this point....a happy healthy baby is what we want.  Either way, it will be love at first sight.  I just know it!


  1. Yes. I had many of the same thoughts. I can't wait to hear next week.

  2. i'm sure you're gonna be a great mama either way
    can't wait to hear lovely

  3. But are you going to tell US which it is?

  4. It's so exciting. When the time comes for us i'm not sure if i'll be able to hold out 9 months to find out, but then again, it would be such a lovely surprise at the end! I'm hoping you'll tell us what you're having...i'm intrigued! xx
    ps. you'll be an awesome mama

  5. My cousin/MOH was the same. Ours is a matriarchal family fo shizzle. We found out she was having a boy (the first on that side of la familia) and we're all "WHAT? How do we deal with that?" The answer? Just fine. Her second was a girl and we all heaved a HUGE sigh of relief. We finally felt at peace with what to :)do.

  6. p.s. check out Mommy blog awesomeness.

  7. I love your attitude about this! We were the same way w/ both of our babies.

  8. Hi! I've just started thinking about getting pregnant and, as part of my own blogging journey through it, I came upon your blog AND I LOVE IT. I'm totally with you on this - my family is 100% girls too (sister, cousins, female friends, nieces...) so I feel like I'd be a way better mother to a girl. But also something intriguing and new about having a little boy.

    Fast fwd almost 2 years and it looks like you're very happy with your little daughter. Congrats!



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