Friday, October 8, 2010

my *new* favorite

A couple weeks ago, Tommy and I sat down to finally order my birthday present - a SEWING MACHINE!  We do almost all of our browsing at these days...they  have it all from bar furniture to fine cookery to sewing machines.  Found my lil beauty right's a Brother cs-6000i - and she's pretty amazing.

I finally got her in the mail last week...but didn't even dare to open the box because I had no idea what to do with her.  I was no...I was intimidated.  The reviews I read about it on were very  helpful in selecting the model (I love that feature of their site!!) - so I knew I could figure it out...I just didn't quite know where to begin.  Thankfully, my mom knows a lil bit about sewing machines, so while she was visiting this weekend she helped me understand the basics.

So now I daydream about alllllllllllll the projects I want to complete! I already fixed a hole in my favorite black and white striped shirt....  I can't wait to have another free weekend someday to sew to my lil hearts content.

I DID work on a second project too - the wedding present for my hubby.

Plenty-o-pictures to follow....fear not.

I have big big Christmas plans this year.  BIG!!



  1. HOORAY! I can clue you in to some really great sewing blogs that are really fun/great for beginners. Ill send you an email today :)


  2. *clears throat* If you need someone to teach you to quilt, I'm your gal. I'm not expert but I am a very adept beginning/intermediate quilter.
    And be careful about those Christmas plans. It was a homemade Christmas for us last year and I nearly killed myself. Seriously was still sewing when I should have been driving to my parents house. Just be careful not to get too ambitious.

  3. I totally wish I could sew. It's a beauty!

  4. Jess, I'm jealous! I want one too.

    Don't feel bad about not blogging about wedding stuff all the time anymore. I recently got married (in the mountains) and have been following your blog through my 14 month engagement. Your blog personality just fit me best. It's hard for me to want to rehash all the wedding stuff too even though it's all so gorgeous - so it's great to follow you on your new journey as a newlywed and all the awesome things that follow...with a little wedding love in between. Congrats on your new baby bump!

  5. Can't wait to see what you create! I love my sewing machine, even if it can be a little on the temperamental side! I just bought some fabric to make some new cushion covers...might attempt that one tomorrow!! xx

  6. I LOVE it when a lady gets a sewing machine! Please message me if you ever have any questions. I highly recommend as a resource, too. Before you make something you can search the pattern and see what others have made or have to say about it. Lots of great advice and tutorials also. Sew on Momma!

  7. Okay. So. You're a doctor. You blog. You sing. You have cool hair. AND you sew?!?

    You are somethin' else! :)



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