Monday, October 18, 2010

pretty autumn things

Isn't this one of the most unique fall wreaths you've ever seen?  I think it's's so authentic...and raw...and delicate at the same time.  The artist created it from found that even more.  
I think it's just plain dreamy.

Ahhh!!  I love confetti - and isn't this SO PRETTY!! 
I think about all the fun things I could do with this stuff and I get all excited...
confetti is the best invention ever (and this stuff is eco-friendly and handmade!!)

I've been oncall for the past 72 hours straight...and it sucked.  All the nurses in the hospital look so cute in their halloween and autumn accessories...made me long for a day of shopping...even just to SEE what's out there in the world.   Do you know how long it's been since I've been shopping?  Not grocery shopping, or picking up stuff we need for the no shopping for treasures and delightful lil treats.  Too long.  I took a lil browse through the lovely shops that sponsor A Mountain Bride, as well as some delightful Etsy shops, and picked out a few of my fave autumn finds.  Enjoy!

This whole site seems fitting for fall - cozy vintage homewares, pretty season accessories, loads of incredible wedding decorations and ideas.  This is just a rad site.  And they have cool scarves...I'm really into scarves.

Of course the headbands of QuirkyBeauty would be perfect for a wedding...but I think they are pretty for everyday.  I have one of her pieces, and I wear it all the time...I get outrageous amounts of compliments on it.
The gold kinda blends in with my hair - so it's a really subtle, (yet sparkly!) hair piece...which I love. 

Nothing has captivated me more this autumn than the glorious leaves of upstate New York.  
This ring reminds me of celebrates those leaves.

I actually bought my mom this bracelet.  She is a LOVER of fall too, and she misses the pretty colors of the leaves now that she lives in Arizona.  This way she can carry the lovely fallen leaves with her around her wrist. (she's big into chunky funky bracelets!)

I tend to gravitate towards wearing the oranges and browns and deep hues synonymous with autumn when it is autumn. Even when I lived in AZ, and the seasons wouldn't really change...
I'd still want to wear the pretty colors of fall.
How glorious are these lil beauties!?  Love that name = fire opal orange. 

Yes, please.  I want two...hopefully I won't try to eat them.  But for as pretty as they are, my guess is that they are rather joyful to use - with "real pumpkin and organic spices in each batch along with a hefty dose of spicy essential oils, perfectly blended cinnamon bark, clove, nutmeg, ginger, and rare vanilla essential oils" I'm salivating. 

Fascinating Creations - check me out!!!  You can buy a veil just like mine!!  
Only $59.95...quite a bargain since similar veils I tried on in the boutiques were upwards of $200!!  
And mine was perfect!  And lovingly handmade.

Sunflower's are such a staple in fall bouquets...our grocery stores and pumpkin patches are full of these bright blooms!  What a pretty corsage - and since it is made of clay it becomes quite the keepsake!

This is Tommy and my favorite time of year - and if our schedules would have aligned themselves differently, this is the season that we would have chosen to get married.  I love invitations with leaves on them...they get me every time.

Forest Floor Prints - Monument 8x10 archival print - (2 for 1 sale right now!)
Dainty...and haunting at the same time.  
( I promised not to buy another print for a loooooooong time...yet this is rather tempting!)

These are cute!  Though I've never gone with fingerless mittens myself, I wonder if they are warm - 
anybody know?


  1. A Real Autumn - you are in your element up there!

  2. I knit (knitted?) a pair of fingerless gloves last winter and surprisingly they are warm. I mostly wore them around the house since Minnesota winters call for your hand to be completely covered when outside. It was so nice to be able to still type and poke around on the internet.

  3. These finds are all lovely! I LOVE fingerless gloves. I've been thinking it's time to break them out. They are warm to a obviously don't want to wear them in the snow, but it's so great to have use of your fingers.

  4. What lovely finds! I particularly like the confetti.

    And pumpkin spice soap? Now I know what you mean by the "bar of soap" comment on my blog. That sounds divine. ;)

  5. There are some gorgeous finds there. I particularly love that beautiful ring. So sweet!



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