Thursday, December 30, 2010

arnie's babyface

Here's a picture of my grandfather's brothers...a bunch of cutie Minnesotans.  My grandfather, Arnold, is in the front row on the right.  This was taken in 1922...with five of the eight siblings.  I often think it would have been insanely fun to have had 7 siblings...can you imagine the constant chaos of that action!? I love hearing stories about him from my mom...she talks about hims a lot, even now.  He sounded like such a wonderful wonderful man...I wish I could have met him. 

I think the order goes:  Everett, Warren, Arnold, Gordon, Douglass, Russel (top L to R), Lowell, Matthew, Gertie and Adeline (bottom L to R)

Here's the whole family, taken in the 30's (I don't know the year!).  Such a handsome clan.  This side of the family used to have huge family reunions every year...when we were kids... they were a total blast (there were so many cousins to play with - can you imagine!)  I remember all these great-uncles would gather together to sing sweet songs to their sister, Adeline.  Always brought the house down!  (My grandfather is the top row third from the left - so handsome!  The face of a future business owner (a grocer!) and Mayor of my parents hometown!!

*random sidenote:  when my dad was a kid he would caddy at the local golf courses.  He says that my grandfather was always his favorite customer as he would tip great AND always buy him a Coke (the Coke was a big deal, as he was the only golfer in town who would treat his caddy to one!)  My grandfather died before my parents started dating, and I like that my dad has sweet memories that he shares about him too.


  1. The girl in the picture looks a little bit like YOU!

  2. Oh wow, I'm not sure I've seen that photo before. I feel like the ones I've seen of the whole family are when my grandmother was a little older. In this photo she really looks like my mom when she was young. I feel like it looks a lot like me too, which is pretty cool.

    I was so grateful for all the younger cousins at those family reunions so I could break away from all the grown-ups and all their talking, and more talking...The ones we went to were also when I was younger, and I could never for the life of me remember who everybody was, and how they were connected.

    But I do remember all the brothers singing to my grandma, and of course playing with you and your sisters at the hotel, and in the backyard (of a house in SD). And going to some outdoor play one year?

  3. A handsome clan indeed. I love looking at old photographs (and I'm glad you share them here).



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