Thursday, November 18, 2010

etherial flagstaff bride

Claire Eliza, one of  Flagstaff's newest/hottest/freshest photographers, recently sent me these gorgeous bridal portraits and I went straight ga-ga over them.  They were shot at Buffalo Park - a location so near and dear to my heart - and to so many Flagstaff dwellers (it's a gorgeous park with panoramic views of the San Francisco Peaks, with a superb running trail that is soooo perfect)!  I'm in love with the way she captured the warm Arizona light...and I'm so impressed with this bride's romantic selections!

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!! 

Did you get bridal portraits?  I got them done a year before our wedding because a friend of mine was starting a photography business (and I totally lucked out!).  I love the pictures she took of me. 


  1. Wow. wow. wow. I LOVE these. I always swoon over bohemian brides. Such a breath of fresh air!

    My bridal portraits were shot one week before my wedding. I didn't necessarily think I "needed" bridal portraits, but of course I'm glad I got them done!

  2. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Love me a boho bride.

  3. The bride's eyes are amazing.

    Also - Kudos to the photographer! Her work is top-rate.



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