Friday, November 19, 2010

marcella's babyface

I love this sweet image so much that I recently had it made onto a canvas for my little girl's room.  I love that you can see my great-grandfathers farm in the background...and I love her little bonnet!!

My maternal grandmother, Marcella, was born in 1918 in North Dakota to a hard working farming family.  She and I had a special relationship, and I miss her everyday.  Though she lived in South Dakota, and I lived in Arizona, we were close while I grew up.  I wrote her letters nearly every week - and she always wrote me back...I really loved that.  When we would live with her every summer is was the highlight of our year!  Her house was always filled with fresh flowers and sunlight, the fruit jar was brimming with dried fruits, and everything always felt so special.  She was a truly lovely woman and I think about her all the time. 

How blessed am I to have these photos of her as an infant!?  Well, I don't "physically" have these photos...but the last time I was in South Dakota, I scanned as many pictures as I could of my grandmother, grandfather, their parents and siblings, and my aunts/uncles and mom.  I downloaded them to CD's.  I then made TONS of copies of these CD's and sent them to every aunt/uncle/cousin/sister in my family as Christmas gifts last year - I wanted everyone to have them.  They are treasures.

Don't you love the buggie wheels in the background!
With her grandfather (so that would be my great-great grandfather!)

Awwww...little girls and their dolls.

Love the pose!  And those CHEEKS!!

Here she is with her parents, Albert and Jessie.  Her mother, Jessie, tragically died when Marcella was little, so this is one of the only pictures of them together.   I'm sure my grandma held this picture close to her heart.  Here's an interesting thing, my grandma grew up speaking Czech - she had to learn English in order to go to school!

I hope my lil one has cheeks that chubby and cute!


  1. These are PRECIOUS. I have a few old photos of my grandfather & his brother as boys. They are treasures. Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. Marcella - what about calling her Cella. Instead of Ella? Just a thought. That name is too beautiful NOT to use, in some way. xo.

  2. What a treasure!!! I was very close to my grandmother too... She passed away in August. It's really nice to have these little mementos from when they were younger.

  3. What beautiful pictures to teasure. Lucky you!

  4. My grandfather just passed away and my eldest brother is expecting a little girl in two months. This is a great idea; we want to keep the legacy alive, what better way than some pictures enlarged on canvas! Your grandmother was incredibly cute!

  5. SO ridiculously CUTE!!! I think you favor her a little.

    That's a wonderful story, especially about visiting her home every year.

    I like "Cella" too.

  6. These are so lovely, i love old family photos! And what a fantastic for the list??!! xx

  7. That is so sweet. :) I wish I had stuff like this, but they're all packed away somewhere and my grandmother doesn't like to dig up the past- her father died in very sad circumstances.

  8. Those are great pictures. I love old family photos.

  9. These are wonderful pics, Jes. You're so lucky. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh our summers with grammie were my favorite. Its so funny I think of flowers and dried fruit in a jar too! Most of my memories when i was little were with her at her house....the plays at the lake....and Christmas in July!



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