Monday, November 29, 2010

my figure

I have never been a skinny girl...ever.  I was a normal kiddo with chub on my bones which developed into some voluptuous whoa hips actually.  Aaaaaaand I pack a lot of junk in the trunk. *grin*  But, there is nothing quite like being pregnant to help you realize how great your figure once was.  Ha!

Granted, I LOVE being pregnant...especially now with no more nausea!  I'm constantly amazed by the way my body works, how it knows how to nurture this new life...and how it all feels.  Beautiful stuff really...even if some of it is kinda scary (like an outie belly button....hasn't happened yet though!)  It's also given me an appreciation of my shapely pre-pregnancy bod.   Curves and all.  I'm hoping to see it again someday. Perhaps, I won't be so hard on myself. 

As for the here and now, I'm enjoying my baby belly - it's so darn cute! (even if one of the boys at work told me I look "fat in the face."  People make me smile.

I actually bought my first article of maternity clothing at a baby consignment shop...the jeans in that picture...they were 10 bucks...which is about all the money I've got to spend on such things.   I've been wearing lots of dresses and skirts...but it's freezing here now and I needed a pair of jeans.  We'll see how long I can go without having to buy anything else, I'd rather spend money on something we need for baby than for clothes for myself - doesn't that just define motherhood already!?  (it was snowing outside when we snapped this picture this weekend!)


  1. You look really cute in the photo by the window! :) (And, by the way, you do NOT look "fat in the face!")

  2. you look amazing both ways lady
    your baby belly is adorable and your arms look awesome!!!
    can't wait to see that belly grow more

  3. You look fantastic, Jes (not "fat in the face" at all...I can't believe somebody said that!).

  4. You look beautiful in all of the pics,prego and not! :)



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