Monday, November 8, 2010

pretty in pink

pretty pink burp cloths!  - ChloeJaneHandmade

As I mentioned last week, we are having a baby girl!!  We are makes everything that more real for me, and gives me ample time to organize my brain, and my life, with the notion of being a mommy to a baby girl!!

This weekend Tommy and I moseyed through the baby department at our local Target...we haven't read up on cribs or strollers or car seats or anything, we just wanted to browse.   It was interesting (sad?) to see the severe lines drawn between the genders when looking at all the different baby stuff.  The little "girl" stuff was literally alllllllllllllllllllllllllll pink...with hyper girly motifs of butterflies and flowers.  Cute...sure...but very very Princess know?   Poor Tommy started worrying a little bit.  I assured him that no way would we get a pink stroller, or a diaper bag with hearts all over it.  I dig a pink dress every now and then, but I'm not exactly a pink fiend. 

I like the idea of making our child's room more gender neutral... less Barbie-girl.  Though, she will, of course, be indulged in a few pink things simply because there are some wicked cute pink baby items out there ;-) (oh, and her aunties are obsessed with pink!)  Here are some sweet lil samples of cute pinkness that I found on Etsy.

catwoman22 - it's a poncho! for a baby!

LovelyKnits - bs


  1. Precious baby poncho! You have to get that. Congrats!

  2. There's definitely some cute pink stuff out there, but I agree on doing the room more neutral. I want to paint the baby's room before I get pregnant so I don't have to worry about getting special paint etc. My husband isn't down with the yellow idea, or the green. But I've decided that we'll make it a nice light blue, and then get decals to put on the wall to make it more neutral rather than boy (blue).. the blue will be like a sky, so it can be gender neutral that way!

  3. omg...this is probably way more fun than wedding planning!

  4. That mama and baby elephant is so blasted cute! I'm with you on the all the pink stuff. Defo need to work some neutral in there! xx

  5. oh man you're making me want a little girl to put that poncho on
    cut it out ;-)

  6. Not sure if you subscribe to the etsy finds email, but this absolutely ADORABLE coat came up.. if I could know that I'd definitely have a girl one day, I'd totally buy it right now.. but since I can't know, and you do.. I thought I'd pass it on:

    It's SOOOOOOO cute!!!



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