Sunday, November 21, 2010

shutterfly christmas cards

 Do you guys send Christmas cards?  Do you ever include your family picture on them?  My mom started sending a photo in our Christmas cards when I was in high school.  It's become a tradition that we all get a kick out of now (except last year my mom selected a photo that NONE of us wanted to be sent...she thought we looked beautiful...we thought we looked drunk...because we were....but I digress. 

I usually send Christmas cards...I have sent out a few every year for the past few years.   Obviously, I've never included a pictures of ME in them (that would be awkward).    Except, now that Tommy and I are our own lil family, I'm so freaking tempted to send cards with our wedding picture!  Some designs are wicked cute!  It will be really precious when we have our little girl next year - that's what folks are really interested in seeing - CUTE KIDDOS! Am I right?

I purchased a photo book from Shutterfly (and love it!) so I checked out their collection of holiday paper about fun and festive!  Clearly I'm attracted to using black and white photos with colorful (yet simple!) holiday words or embellishment.  I'm o-so-tempted to order some right this moment!!  I just had to share my finds with you folks...Shutterfly's Christmas photo cards, and Shutterfly's Christmas invitations.

 I wish I had a Christmas party planned so I could send out festive invitations.  SOMEDAY I will host a Christmas party...probably not while I am battling residency...but someday.  Are you hosting a holiday get together??


  1. eek! thanks for reminding me! xmas cards! must get to work on those!! We got a photo book from shutterfly, but usually our friend leslie designs our xmas cards (you should check her out- one pound design :)).

  2. oooh love these! really beautifully done. Happy Christmas!!



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