Sunday, November 14, 2010

strollers? yep...i'm going there.

While traipsing around a baby superstore this weekend, Tommy and I were initially overwhelmed with the inventory, the selection, and the gender specific aisles....we grew rather silent.  Then, thankfully, we couldn't help but crack up.  There are roughly a million different choices when it comes to things like strollers....or cribs....or breast bumps.  I mean seriously.

We decided to tackle one element at a time when we came home.  I busted out my fave go-to site for speedy comparison shopping - where anything from the perfect briefcase to the best stroller can be found - of course I'm talking about CSN, that online shopping mecca  (I also did some serious Consumer Search review reading - I love that site!)

loved the bright yellow of this BOB - but it was soooo super pricey (and had the hinged front wheel which is great for jogging, but impractical for using in grocery stores or around town as it doesn't "turn" very easily.)

I swooned over a "pram" for a hot minute - sooo sweet and proper looking!  But so impractical for our lifestyle (plus it was around $1200.  Doy.)

You know, buying a stroller isn't necessarily as easy as picking out the coolest looking ride.  Nope.  There were loads that were awesome bright funky colors that made me swoooooon...but some cost more than I make in a month...and some didn't have good reviews...or couldn't be used for specific activities (like jogging or power walking).   Who knew this was soooo tricky??


Our wish list included a stroller that was an all terrain, jogging-type stroller, as we will be taking our lil girl out and about, to the park, on gravel trails, lil jogs, and the like.  We also hope to have this one stroller (so we wanted one that we could mount an infant care seat in - to last from infancy to toddler age), and it needed to have sweet maneuverability for places like the grocery store.  Oh yea - and it couldn't cost an arm and a leg.   And it had to be crazy safe with fantastic ratings of course.  After reading all about them and then "playing" with them at Babies R Us,  we decided on a Jeep Libery Limited!  

We kinda laughed at ourselves for getting all excited about a stroller :-)  Can't help it.  It was one of the top rated strollers in all the reviews we read...score!  AND not only do we have some friends who SWEAR by this stroller, it has sweet a hook up for an iPod, an included cup holder for the parent, roomy storage underneath, and a play deck for baby...dude...doesn't get better!


  1. aww, so fun! I have so many friends with little ones and have definitely picked up on the must have gear for babies. It's so overwhelming and expensive! My friends love the uppa baby vista, preg perego (sp?) and bob. I hear the mclaren is a great umbrella stroller for travelling and I see it all the time in airports! Congratulations! I can't wait to hear your name selections!

  2. are you going to get a carrier so you can wear your baby? Like an Ergo or Baby Bjorn? They are wonderful!

  3. My best friend took ages choosing theirs, it must be so confusing!! So much fun tough, right?! xx

  4. Ironically my husband and I spent the majority of our weekend discussing strollers too! You may have already discovered this, but just in case you haven't, I'll pass it along! There is a great book out there called Baby Bargains 8th edition, written by Denise and Alan Fields. They give great advice on where to spend your money, the biggest wastes of money, and the best reviewed products. It's really helpful. Good luck!

  5. get a used Bob on Craig's list. I buy all my baby gear off Craig's list. Hardly a need to buy something new. I bought a new stroller with baby #1 and I regret it so much now. I then bought a screaming deal on a Phil & Ted's stroller, which I adore (of course I have two kids 19 months apart and I live downtown and walk everywhere).

  6. I typically recommend that people get a solid jogging stroller (we have a kelty) and a cheap umbrella stroller. The all-purpose, heavy-duty strollers with all of the gadgets and doodads are overrated (in my opinion).

    P.S. Have you registered anywhere?



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