Friday, January 7, 2011

the operating room

30 weeks!!  All scrubbed in.

After a month of stressful medicine floors I was praying that my time back in the OR was going to be rad - and it WAS!  This past month was my most favorite rotation while in residency - it was AMAZING.  Plastic surgery is just so phenomenal...the reconstruction that those doctors are proficient in are life-changing and life saving.  I even assisted a "free tram" breast reconstruction this week which was one of the coolest things I've ever seen performed ever! (Google it!)  Yes, the procedure took 14 hours...and yes I felt like my back was broken after 2 hours into it...but it was good stuff.  The big belly gets in the way a bit, so I have to stand sideways in order to appropriately reach the table!  Thankfully, our baby girl is good in the OR and doesn't do her tumbling acts while I am concentrating.

I love being a surgeon.  I am so back in this residency game with a huge smile on my face.

Next month I start in the Emergency Dept.  I work a month full of night shifts...9pm to 9am...I already want to die.  I can't drink coffee.  How am I going to do this??  Ha.

At least I have a weekend of fun to look forward to.  My BESTIE Becky is here this weekend!!  Yay!!  We went and picked her up from the airport last night...and the poor thing is already frozen.  San Diego is a little warmer than upstate New York.  My guess it we'll consume loads of warm chocolate beverages :-)  


  1. I just LOVE this photo! You are looking so big (in a good way)! I started reading your blog just before you announced your super exciting news and I have loved reading about your life and belly as it changes and grows. Wishing you all the best in the future (and hopefully your time in Emergency goes quickly). Happy weekend!

  2. You are so adorable!!! I'm so glad you're happy doing what you're doing. I guess it just takes us all a journey getting there :)

  3. You look so cute it slays me! So glad to hear you had some time to do what is clearly your calling.

  4. so happy you had a good month on plastics. being in the OR is definitely the best part of my residency as well, and its funny how the good times can outweigh the bad times.

    its always nice to be reminded what an amazing job being a physician is..we get to do some pretty outrageous things.

  5. love that picture lady!
    have so much fun this weekend with your besty!

  6. Ah, you look gorgeous! So glad to hear you're enjoying it all again, although can't say i'm envious of the night shifts you've got to look forward too. You can do it though. Go girl xx

  7. I work in healthcare & work nights. You can do it!
    Gets lots of sleep during the day (if that is possible with your pregnancy)

    I will be thinking of you, thank god it's only one month.
    Some ER doctors take naps after 2am b/c it's usually slow...

  8. You need your own TV show. That is the cutest thing I have EVER seen. You are amazing!



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