Sunday, February 6, 2011

my baby fell

I think my baby "fell" this week...which means she now sits lower in my pelvis.  A couple reasons why I think this....

1. I can breathe easier...score.
2. My boobs are no longer resting on top of the belly "shelf"....double score (as that was just weird.)
3. I have heavy heavy pressure on the bottom of my belly and feel the need to desire to wear a seatbelt or harness or something to keep the pressure off of it.  I constantly have both of my hands under it "carrying" it around (when I don't think anyone is looking)  It feels like she is going to fall out (not out of my vagina... out from the bottom of my belly...I realize this sounds bizarre.)
4. There isn't enough space for my legs AND my belly to sit in a chair.  Nope.  If I want to be comfy, I have to practically straddle the chair and let my belly hang a little free.

EXCEPT...I asked Tommy if he thought my belly hung lower...he said nope.  So.  Who knows.

I'm living in a state of beautiful bizarro.


  1. I'd go with my gut on this one if I were you (no pun intended!!). Men don't usually notice the stuff like that.

    It's been fun to watch your pregnancy progress. : )

  2. Oh gosh. I knew a girl who had to wear a supportive band around her pregnant belly to ease the pressure. Do you have one?

  3. That is so exciting... right? I mean, it's a good thing? a normal progression! I too love this whole process and getting to read about it ... helping to prepare myself. so thanks for the honesty and insight :-)

  4. Oh dear. You are getting closer if it did drop. And I bet it did. Yayayayayay.



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