Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ready to share?

Before my evening oncall shift begins I just had to get this out there...

I'm starting to get these weird feelings...not quite sadness....more like realization... of the fact that it won't just be me and Tommy anymore (even though he swears it will always be me and him.) 

It started on Valentine's Day when he wrote me the nicest card ever (like he always does) and I couldn't even read past the first line because I was balling too much.  In a nutshell, he wrote something about it being our first and last Valentine's Day as just me and him, husband and wife...how next year we will be a little family.  And I lost it.

I love my existence with him with him by my side - we have such a beautiful life together.  These past 10 months of marriage have been the best of my life - being with him is easier than breathing and there is no question that we will be together even after our time on Earth is over.  I know that our little one will bring us more joy and love and laughter than I can imagine.... it's just.... well.... the end of something so perfect while at the same time being the beginning of something different... exciting, of course....yet....unknown.  

That's all.


  1. Strong, emotional, honest... I needed to read this. Thank you. I am often thinking about the "next step" that I tend to forget to appreciate the current one. Thank you for reminding me.

  2. oh man, noah and i talk about this all of the time when we talk about having little ones. it is going to a big change but definitely one of the best you will ever make. i believe in you guys and i know you do too.
    it's going to be amazing. you're already an incredible team

  3. yes, that is a huge transition going from two to three. i think it's completely normal to want to mourn or reflect a bit when things are about to change. i mean, my husband gets all nostalgic when he needs to sell his crappy broken-down (but well loved) car to get a newer one! luckily in your case you get to keep tommy!

  4. It's normal. And lucky you! I've never been with a man where the relationship felt easier than breathing! ;)



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