Friday, February 11, 2011

symptoms of being preggo

here i am at our last doctor's appointment...getting another ultrasound...i love getting those ultrasounds fun!!

I'm sure you've heard (or experienced first hand!) the "symptoms" of pregnancy.  Obviously, pregnancy is highly unique to each individual as every woman's body is different.  Some of these effects I thought for sure would happen to me, and than didn't, and some things happened that I didn't anticipate.  I'll share...

1. I started balding.  Well.  Not really - but in the fist few months of my pregnancy clumps of my hair would come out in the shower.  I was alarmed.  Really really alarmed.  Especially since pregnant women are suppose to have thick glorious hair. hair stopped falling out around week 22.  Now, my hair is rather glorious...haha...well...for me.  I've been wearing it straight almost everyday because I can't stop running my fingers through it.  Will miss it when it falls out again.

watching baby move around...i am always in a state of complete "awe" at these things.

baby's home!

2. Stretch marks.  Totally thought I'd get 'em...didn't know that everyone doesn't.  I don't have anyYet

3.  Bigger boobs.  Nope...not yet. 

4. Glowing skin.  Um.  Not so much.  I get just as many pimples as I did before.  And my chest started breaking out...which is less than ideal.  However, people are still sweet and tell me I'm glowing (it's probably that I'm sweating).

5. Sore breasts.  Yes.  But not all the time (mostly just my first trimester...and actually...mostly before I knew I was pregnant if I recall correctly.)

6.  No energy.  Well, in the first 16 or so weeks I was zapped...I couldn't sleep enough.  After that - I felt normal.    Except now...I'm starting to feel tired again...which is probably just a by-product of residency. Dunno.  But I think I could sleep for 3 days.  Straight.

7. Nesting.  Holy cow.  Felt this hot and heavy...thoughts of housing our baby would keep me up at night...seriously.  Now that the crib is put together, the yellow poms are up and the crib sheets are ordered I rest a lot easier :-)

8.  Baby brain....meaning increased forgetfulness.  Possibly.  It may be that pregnant women have a lot of "stuff" on their plate...I know that's how I feel.

9.  Insatiable hunger.  No way...not me.  I haven't had an increased appetite or felt like I was really eating for two. Yet - I've still managed to gain a healthy, yet whopping 23 lbs.

10. Being super emotionally sensitive.  Umm...I don't think I'm more sensitive than the sap I was before.   

baby's daddy - so excited about his little girl! (*note:  I took this one handed...mad skills!)

she is ours. *sigh*

11.  Crazy cravings.  I DO have cravings...oh holy cow.  I'll write about it. It deserves it's own post.

12.  Healthy nails.  I can't stop biting my short.  Gross gross habit.  No pretty shiny lovely nails for me.

13.  Growing feet.  Lots of women go UP a size in shoe wear due to ligamentous laxity (ligaments relaxing throughout the body...also in their feet).  My shoe size is the same.  (Praise God - I would have hated to purchase allll new shoes!)

14.  Hemorrhoids.  I thought these would be unavoidable in pregnancy, especially since all the books talk about them.  Glory be...I never dealt with this.   Ummm..yet?

15.  Back pain.  Lord, Yes.  Only when my belly got BIG...around week 28 or so.  Sciatica set in and I limp a lot more now.  Sometimes it's horrible and makes me want to cry....the worst thing is that nothing really alleviates it...not backrubs or our massage tool thing or anything.  Ugh. 

16.  Putting on poundage.  I am gigantic...mostly in the belly.  A nurse at the hospital told me she feels sorry for my vagina because my baby is clearly going to come out the size of a toddler.

17.  Outie belly button.  Don't know why this lil thing always had me freaking out.  But my belly button hasn't flipped yet.  The doc said it's still possible for mine to pop out, but not every women gets an outie during pregnancy (and of course they pop back in eventually.)  So innie remains an innie..but it's close.

18.  Linea nigra....the subtle line that bisects the lower abdomen in pregnancy.  I really thought everyone got this too...but I didn't.  It could still happen I suppose.

19. Feeling baby kicks.  I knew I'd feel the baby moving...and at first it felt like little butterflies in there!  I loved it!  It was so fun, like a game she was playing with me.  Now, however, she really kicks...and throws punches...and it will make me jump...and it is not really cute or sweet.  Except, now that she is so big we can sit and watch my belly undulate with her movements which is highly (HIGHLY!!) entertaining.  Plus, I've grown so attached to her presence that I think I will miss her once she's not with me all the time.

20.  Feelin' extra "frisky" for my husband.  Absolutely.


  1. Oh, Sciatica. I have it too and I feel for you. It's got to make it hellish to stand up for very long!

    I have never been able to work at any job that required standing. I can walk for miles, but as soon as I stand still, the horrible pain starts.

    Thank goodness, yours will go away once the baby is here.

  2. Umm, did the nurse say she was feeling sorry for your vagina in a joking way? It sounds kind of harsh and a little fear-inducing. Sounds like an entry for

    Anyway, it's been so fun to watch your pregnancy progress. I hope the rest of it goes well for you! Don't be afraid to see a chiropractor for your sciatic symptoms-there's lots of docs that specialize in caring for pregnant women. I've had a couple pregnant friends find relief that way.

  3. Oh dear the list of symptoms. So many changes!

  4. So I think I only experienced 11 of those symptoms.

    I never had a big appetite during pregnancy either - especially that 1st trimester (it was the opposite, actually).

    My feet did grow a 1/2 size after baby #2 though.



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