Wednesday, March 9, 2011


 Our little bundle of joy is a March baby.   March has one of the most beautiful gemstone's as it's birthstone - Aquamarine - and I look forward to wearing her birthstone.  I know so many mothers who wear the birthstone of their children, and I think it's beautiful.

I love stackable rings.  There are so many different options to rock the can fill a finger full of sparkle, or wear it single and simple.  I think I'd want a finger full.  For a mama with lots of kiddos, a finger full of those birthstones would look so great!  The stackable rings below feature aquamarine...and I'm lusting over them right now.

*note to Tommy...a pretty aquamarine ring would be a lovely mother's day present this year....or as a "hey I love you" present...or even as a "congratulations you're a mama" present.

Just throwing it out there.  *smile*

Hummmm...or one of these pretty initial necklaces.  Choices choices.

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