Thursday, March 3, 2011

the most dramatic of 38 weeks

In front of Independence Hall - 38 weeks pregnant!!

 To fill you in:

The morning before my boards I went to visit my Ob/Gyn before the drive to Philadelphia.  Turns out that I was ALREADY dilated...nearly 2cm...FREAKING TWO CENTIMETERS!  And...oh yes...there is an "and"...I was 80% effaced.  not to mention, the baby's head is already "really low."  The lil thing is actually a hearty girl at 7 lbs 10oz already - with two weeks to go (I really could have a 10 pounder!)!!   My doc was not excited about me going to take my boards so far away, and made it clear that I could go into labor at any minute.  Given the baby's position, size, etc. she even recommeded I get induced this upcoming Tuesday - a full week EARLY!  (If, that is, I don't go into labor this weekend.)

wow....THAT is a baby belly!  MY baby belly!!! 

Needless to say, no baby happened in Philadelphia.  It was nearly impossible for me to concentrate during my test knowing that at any moment I could go into labor.  Well, and knowing that I only have a couple more days to get everything ready for her mind was in a million places....not ideal for boards.

The worst news came my way on Monday when I found out that if I take a personal leave after having my baby (6 weeks)  I will lose my health insurance.  The benefits coordinator at the hospital suggested that if I could not afford the full insurance premium (of $1700!!!) that I should consider cancelling my insurance and taking the risk of paying cash as she "was sure nothing bad would happen."  Clearly this lady is an idiot - if there is ever a time I would truly need health insurance it's around DELIVERY time...complications are scary...and risks like that just aren't worth taking.  Obviously, this financial news really really super insanely stressed me out this week.  Where does someone get $1700?   Throughout my pregnancy I tried to convince myself that my 13 days of PTO (paid time off) would have to suffice.  But really - it's not long enough.  It's not.  Life is too short, we all grow so fast, and babies are only babies a little while.  It's just all so frustrating.

we adore the City of Brotherly Love

It's been a heavy week...lots of shock...a few stressful tears...sleepless nights of studying and bathroom visits...and a 4.5 hour boards exam.  Anyway - did you catch that?  Our baby girl will be joining us next week.  One entire week earlier than expected.

I can't wait to meet her.


  1. Gah! How beyond stressful for you! I'm sure you'll make the best decision possible for you and your family though. When it comes to crunch time, you'll know what needs to be done, even if it's not something you're the most comfortable with.

  2. I can't wait to meet her, too.

    You'll figure out a way to work things out. Might be a compromise rather than the perfect solution, but thses things often are.

    Sending you love from the Northwest.

  3. Oh jeez! I am so sorry about that! Clearly, health insurance in this country is a bit messed up.....You are a rock though and it looks like the two of you were still able to have some fun down in Philly!

  4. I'm sorry they are making it so hard on you. I simply can't imagine everything you have on your plate at one time!

    If it's any consolation, you've beaten the odds for pregnant residents from what I read. Many of them go into labor too early. Glad you didn't.

    I hope they put you on lighter duty somehow when you return. I just know you'll be living for the minute you can return home to baby.

    Can't wait to hear about her!

  5. Have you looked into government disability programs. NJ has a 3 month one for pregnant moms. AZ of course doesn't. Also there usually is a state health program that you MUCH more easily qualify for when you're pregnant. That lady did NOT give you a very wise response... Lydia's birth cost $40,000 which with our BCBS policy we only paid $4600 on. Thank God!!!



  8. Jes, I am so flippin' excited for you.
    What a stressful week before baby's arrival.
    I'll be thinking of you this week. Lots of good vibes coming your way!

  9. Dude, whatever you do - do NOT get off of insurance. Worse comes to worse you qualify for Medicaid. Getting off insurance lands you in the world of medical bankruptcy which is a no mans land of hurt. That woman should be taken out back and shot. Pay cash.. wow. Keep the insurance through the birth and if they kick you off, then you will prob qualify for Medicaid. As you know, this stuff is not a joke and it can be really stressful to figure it out but no insurance is not an option when you go into delivery.

    Sarah B (Seth's gf who does health care for a Senator)

  10. what not march 11th!!! wait a few more days!!! no to inducing ;)

    love you!! kami

  11. aww... I'm sooo sorry that you have to stress about insurance at such a wonderful time, when its the last thing you want to worry about! I totally feel for you. American health care system blows, don't you just want to run off to canada sometimes?! I do. Anyways, good luck sorting it all out. And...if it look adorable with your bump.



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