Wednesday, March 16, 2011

one week ago today

in my sweet and chic hospital gown.  the last picture of my bump.

One week ago today, Clara Jane joined our little family.  I've toyed around with writing a full our "birth story" - but honestly I just don't have time to do can understand why.  So...with the help of a few pictures and a couple captions I'll tell the tale of Clara's journey to join us.

We arrived at the hospital on Tuesday night...after work.  It was a long day.  All I wanted to do was eat...and the hospital menu seemed GIGANTIC...I was happy.

 Tommy and I settled into our was nice...had a warm golden glow to it.  Surprisingly, I wasn't nervous about the birthing process...I was scheduled to get an epidural...I was, however, nervous about what was to come after.

"How do I take care of a baby!?" kept running through my head.
"I haven't read the baby books yet!  I need to read the baby books first!"

But she was coming, whether I had read the books or not.

 At 8am, after an evening of "cervical ripening," I was induced.  A couple hours later I was given my epidural and allllllll was at peace with the world.  I slept all day - best labor experience ever.  It was the most sleep I had consecutively in months.  While I slept, I dilated 7 cm in a few hours!  It went by fast.

The delivery, however, was not so kind.  The epidural got turned off, and let's just say that lots and lots of stitches were placed.  I thought my voluptuous hips were ideal for a birthing experience...I didn't think about my soft tissue structures.  It was really scary for Tommy to see me like that...but we really worked as a team to get through it.  He was my hero that day.

Clara Jane made her official debut!  Her cries were so sweet, we couldn't help but laugh and smile!

We made our skin to skin contact within seconds.

 Isn't she a doll? 

 Tommy went and took pictures of all the fun stuff that Clara did with the nice nurses.

She came back to us all clean and perfect.

Finally - I got to take a shower...this was a big accomplishment as walking was a HUGE challenge.  But then I got to go cuddle with Clara - which has become my favorite thing in the world.

This man adores his little girl to the moon and back.  Since we've been home, he has been taking care of both of us.  We are lucky girls!

It's hard to believe that was 7 days ago!!  Seems like yesterday.

*note:  I've been completely out of commission.  I haven't checked my email in several days, and I haven't even talked to my friends on the phone yet.  I wasn't prepared for how painful the days following delivery are, and I'm hesitant to talk to people about it all.  I wish I could just say everything was fantastic! easy! fun!  But it wasn't for me.   Early this week I even called my doc in pain was out of control (honestly, it still is).  I can't sit or walk yet...which is not ideal for a taking care of a baby.  And there isn't even any real "resting" as our little one needs to eat every couple hours - and when she's sleeping I'm taking sitz baths, or trying to calm my raw bleeding nipples.  These first few days of motherhood are not glamorous for me. I know it will get better as it goes.  I just wish I could play with Clara like I want - I only have a couple of weeks left to play with her before I go back to work!


  1. Jes, she is so darn cute!
    Hope you start recovering soon.
    I can only imagine how tough this time must be for you.

  2. I'm not yet a mama, but from what I hear this is "normal." Hang in there! Surely, things will only get better and better each day. Clara is so beautiful. Congrats! xoxo.

  3. I hope your recovery starts getting better soon! So far it sounds scary! :( Get better quickly!

  4. You are an amazing woman and you can get through it! Clara is super beautiful. Congrats!

  5. Congratulations Jes! You are amazing! You know, my mom just told me my birth story, and she said she had some internal tears that were mistakingly note repaired, and she was in intense pain/discomfort until a doctor noticed it at a check-up. Just wanted you to know in case that's what's going on. Perhaps a doc visit would be good? Sending you love and strength!!

  6. She is just so cute! Congrats to your lovely family!

    On a side note... did Tommy go to Plymouth? My husband and I met there and are not expecting a little baby of our own!

  7. Congrats mommy - she's beautiful! I can't wait to see her grow - I'm sure you'll keep us all posted.

  8. hang in there lady...sounds like you had a rough go of it, hopefully you start feeling better. you have a beautiful daughter...congratulations!

  9. my li'l sis is a frosh there! what a beautiful school. good luck with the baby!!

  10. Oh Jes! I know how you feel! I initially refused the pain meds, but after 3 days or so (also MANY stitches were placed) I could not handle the pain longer...but what was WORSE? The freaking breast feeding was even MORE painful! I kept thinking, what about this is natural?!

    Maybe you can find solace in that it DOES get better...slowly. Be patient and the pain will go away and the true bonding will begin...I promise.

  11. I've been having major baby fever the last couple of months, and while your daughter is absolutely adorable and I'm so happy for you, the last bit of this post helped ME out a little bit. ;)

    Congrats again! I can't wait to see more/read more!

  12. Congratulations! Wishing the 3 of you all the best on your new journey together!

  13. Man, I was so glad you went for the epidural, and then crushed about what happened at delivery.

    I know nothing about stitches, but I have heard about the initial pain of breastfeeding. That does go away. You need some cream to put on your nipples. I know one women who swore by some udder cream they use on cows! She said it saved her life in the early days.

    But yeah, the first days at home are very very very hard. I helped my sister through hers and it nearly killed us both. Went back to visit her two months later and it was a different world - much better!

    Please take care of yourself and just KNOW it gets easier.

    As for Clara, she looks like a peach. What a beautiful baby.

  14. Here is a nipple cream you can order.

  15. i'm sorry its been so hard beauty.
    i'm so happy for you though and you're little girl is beautiful

  16. My mom and I have both been reading along on this journey you've been on. We giggle and cry for you and love your honesty. We are thrilled for you and Tommy, she is so beautiful!

  17. First weeks are tough. Glad you made it through! Sitting was impossible for me I had to nurse 12 times a day. CRAZY.

  18. There are many words I would use to describe the first few weeks/months of new motherhood. "Glamorous" isn't one of them. ;)

    I would probably use words like: overwhelming, exhausting, terrifying, wonderful, exhilarating, painful, priceless.

    P.S. Your nipples will get better! But - ouch - it hurts at first. Hang in there!

  19. Also - here is a post I wrote about breastfeeding pain in the early weeks:

    And - here's a post about my favorite products related to breastfeeding:

    Feel free to FB me w/ questions too! :)



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