Friday, April 8, 2011

the last belly pictures...i swear

At the 37 week mark, one of the women in our apartment building snapped some pictures of Tommy and me with the huge belly.  She has a fancy camera and a fancy backdrop thing and everything.  Turned out stellar.

I know Tommy took a gazillion pictures of me during the pregnancy...but I'm glad that we had a few nice pictures taken of the two of us together (ummm...the 3 of us I guess is more appropriate!)   And our friend took quite a few artsy pictures that I like so much (like me holding oranges...I'll never see an orange and not think of Clara...and a few pictures of me with my medical books studying.)

I can't believe I was so huge only 4 weeks ago! I can't believe our little Clara was once all curled up inside that belly!!  Wow.

Oh pregnancy... I'm happy it's over and Clara is here. 


  1. These are gorgeous, Jes. I may need to get over my fear of taking more bump pictures! Or hire a professional.

  2. Those are beautiful pictures! How lucky to have a neighbor who can do that!

  3. Beautiful pics, Jes.
    I want to see more : )

  4. Congrtas again! These are beautiful!

  5. You were such a pretty pregnant person, Jes.

    I'd love to see the ones of you w/ your medical textbooks. Cool idea!



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