Tuesday, May 17, 2011

chubby cheeks

 Overnight my scrawny lil newborn became a plump lil peach!  Her cheeks are round and perfect for smushy kisses and her thighs have creases and rolls in them and she has an adorable little double chin!  I love it!  Seriously, her sweet baby pudge makes us giggle and beam.

Every time I come home I am so surprised to see how much she has grown.  The only days she doesn't appear to grow are the weekends *wink*  She has officially grown out of her "newborn" gear...made me kindof sad to pack those away.

I can't believe she over 2 months old.  Wowza.


  1. I cannot believe how damn cute she is! And I also cannot beleive that I am going to have a pink cuddle machine in 4 months or so...

  2. what a DOLL! she has an adorable little face!

  3. The cutest baby in the cutest hat. You are making enough milk! She's growing!

  4. look at her! She's getting to be such a big girl. Yay! I love (and hate) watching my son grow. Sometimes I think... you look like a little boy already! Totally scares me how quickly time is going.



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