Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Clara got her first series of vaccinations yesterday.  Yes, my child will be vaccinated (I've had a few emails asking me about that.)  To me it's a no-brainer....I believe in the positive power of vaccinations.  The fact that so many people are opting not to vaccinate their children is scaring the hell outta me (but I digress).

The shots were not enjoyable...shots never are.  She cried real tears...she hasn't done that before.  It ripped my heart out ... and I cried too. 

Poor baby. 

But after 5 minutes or so, the tears were gone and our happy baby was smiling once again.


  1. Sorry it was a tough day for you guys and glad she had a quick recovery. I, for one, am thankful you're vaccinating.

  2. Aw! :( I'm glad she wasn't unhappy for very long. As for vaccinations, I think it's better to play it safe- if everyone stops vaccinating for these things, who knows what kind of epidemic we could open ourselves up to.

  3. That's the best part about the little ones.... in the same amount of time it takes to give the shot, they are already over it and back to being their happy little selves. So wonderful.

  4. I'm undecided about vaccines. Our girls have gotten most of them (but not all) (and not at all at the same time).

    Here's a post I wrote about it last summer:



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