Friday, June 17, 2011

ashley's pink wedding dress!

Today my friend, Ashley, dons her perfect pink gown and walks down the aisle to marry her best friend, Nick.  I am SO excited for her - and I feel so honored that she invited me, a new friend, to celebrate her joyous day!

I haven't attended a wedding since Tommy and I tied the knot last summer.  It will be so lovely to sit next to my husband, with my daughter in my arms, and to witness (and relive!) the sacred vows that bring two souls together in holy matrimony. 

I love weddings.

*Dear God, please let Clara be her normal perfect self and not fuss during this event.  Thank you.  And also, please let my surgery schedule be perfectly on-time so I have time to change out of my scrubs before the wedding.


  1. How pretty! I love the idea of a pink dress. Have fun at the wedding, and know that if Clara cries, she is a totally normal baby girl and everyone else will think so too. :)

  2. have so much fun miss!!
    you deserve it



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