Friday, June 24, 2011

babies at weddings

at the  wedding!

My friend Ashley got married last weekend and it was lovely!  All of her bridesmaids (9!) were doctors (smart crowd!)!  My friends from residency were there which was great fun, but I really loved having my family there to make memories with. 

I was nervous about taking Clara...what if she coos during the ceremony?  Or God forbid, what if she fusses or starts to cry?  After having made a monster poop on the way to the wedding (we had to change her in the church parking lot!!) she was as quiet and sweet as could be during the entire wedding - ddidn't let out a peep!  I made us sit in the very back, right next to the door so we could sprint out the second her started to indicate noise-making.  No bolting was neseccary - Clara was an angel.  *sigh*  Obviously...she really is an angel. 

The reception was excellent!  The loud music didn't phase her - the 3 of us dined and danced and had a blast.  There was a photobooth!  They gave every guest a bottle of their handcrafted beer!  It was a fun and beautiful day.  I don't think babies are always invited to weddings - but I'm so glad that we were able to bring Clara - and sooo thankful she was good!! 

Plus it was great fun to have everyone gush over what a sweet little beauty she is!


  1. Man, that is one cute family! xx

  2. She was probably curious about all that was going on so she was quiet. We don't see too many babies at weddings, but have had some that have gotten a bit loud from time to time. I'm glad she was good.

  3. It makes me happy to hear that you were so concerned about everyone else. Some parents are mindless to that fact!

  4. It's nice to see babies on weddings. I think they are making the event even more lovely.. Nice picture of your family, happy ..

  5. I love it when the bride & groom welcome children at the wedding! Our girls both enjoy attending weddings, especially our 4-year-old. she oohs and ahs at the dresses and dances like crazy at the reception. :)



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