Friday, June 3, 2011

blond pigtails

When I was walking into the hospital this afternoon I spotted the sweetest looking little girl - maybe a little over a year old (or 2 years old?  I'm bad at aging babies) - she had those chubby wobbly legs that are so darling.  Her blond hair was pulled up into messy pigtails - she was wearing a dirty little pink polka-dotted dress.  I was so taken with her that I couldn't take my eyes off of her - made me think about Clara.  Naturally. (well not the messy or dirty parts actually)

I found myself smiling ear to ear as I watched this pretty toddler walking, holding the hand of her father (or uncle? or whomever?).  Until I noticed something peculiar - much to my HORROR this little sweet thing wasn't wearing shoes.  Here was a baby - waddling along the street - on HOT BLACK ASPHALT with her delicate teeny feet.  My jaw dropped open...I stared in disbelief.  What the bloody hell.  Asphalt?  Baby skin?  Summer sun?  Not OK.

I walked by a nurse who was witnessing the same atrocity - she was shaking her head and said to me, "what is he thinking?".  My eyes welled up.  I can't stop thinking about that little girl.  I see all kinds of strange child neglect and abuse working in the hospital system - and it literally kills me every time.

*I should note that this was not a hospital visitor walking to and from the hospital...these folks were out strolling or running errands.  


  1. Yeah, no words. Sometimes I think the human species is evolving backwards.



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