Thursday, June 30, 2011

cry baby

the podiatry babies...Londyn...Kayla....Clara....Vivian

I go on and on about what a dream our little Clara is - how she sleeps so beautifully through the night and only cries when she is she smiles and giggles 24/7 and is the ideal child.  All things I wholeheartedly believed....until last night.

Clara apparently doesn't like other babies.

There was a big welcome picnic for the new residents and their families to mingle with the rest of us.  Our program has 8 residents   (7 of us are married and there are 13 kids between us all!)  The family practice and internal medicine residents also have tons of families - so there kiddos and babies everywhere!  In my program alone there are 4 newborn babies!!!

Clara hated every one of them.  Well...she cried in their presence was the most bizarre thing.  And she did not just cry...she wailed.

"Who is this child?" we kept asking ourselves.

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  1. lol. Clara is Lydia. Wait until she's 2 and does it at birthday parties with other kids. That's REALLY perplexing. Lydia is 3 and has now outgrown it and is a total social butterfly. She cries when I come to get her now. :)



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