Wednesday, July 27, 2011

diamond rhinestone ribbons

I just got some diamond rhinestone ribbon from Koyal Wholesale, the worlds largest wedding and event supply company.  Let me tell you - it is so outstanding and sparkly!  It's not made out of actual rhinestones, it's multifaceted plastic, so it's very lightweight and pliable....umm...and did I mention it's sparkly?  The summer wedding season is upon us and this has been my secret weapon for wrapping pretty presents.  (AND I'm really stoked about my Christmas wrapping this year...oh man...nothing like a little glitter under the tree!!)  Obviously the ribbon can be be used for all sorts of things...from gift wrapping to decorating vases, candles, and anything else you can think of.  A quick way to dress up almost anything.

Koyal Wholesale has lit-er-ally anything you need for any event...I was checking out their cupcake wrappers and they have every color you can ever imagine - as well as manzanita branches, edible favors and everything in between.  Definitely worthy of a browse if you are in the market for wedding supplies.

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  1. Absolutely perfect for wrapping wedding presents!



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