Wednesday, July 13, 2011

picture regret

I kick myself all the time for the fact that I didn't have Clara's picture professionally taken when she was a teeny tiny brand NEW newborn.  Ideally, I would have liked to have had her picture taken when she was a week or two - when food comas were easy to achieve, and waking her up from her sleep was impossible...securing fantastic baby poses (you know which kinds of pictures I mean right??)

We finally did pictures when Clara was 3 weeks old, after a friend of ours insisted she take some - thank goodness.  I know 3 weeks sounds brand new - BUT even at 3 weeks she was so alert it was tricky to get to her to sleep and position her.  We did, however, get some fun shots of her...and I am so thankful for them.  Except - it was a feat - little thing just couldn't stay asleep.

Also - props - I didn't have any props except for a basket and her baby blanket.  Don't forget props!!  Wow - my 4 month old doesn't even look like the same child in these fast it all goes.


  1. Somehow, I don't think Clara will ever accuse you of not taking enough pictures! You already have tons. ;)

  2. Good thing to know since the hubby and I are expecting a little one this January!!

  3. Oh Jes, if only we lived closer I would have done them for you in second! But like Lori said, I don't think she'll ever complain about it. :)

  4. She's so sweet!

    I have similar regrets. I also wish I would have taken more pictures during pregnancy and postpartum. I felt so huge and cumbersome at the time, but now I treasure the few photos I have from those periods.

  5. Oh, how cute! Your photos are amazing. They've captured baby Clara at the perfect moment. So cute!



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