Wednesday, August 17, 2011

first carousel ride


 I remember being a little girl and LOVING the magical ride of the carousel ponies.  It was always the highlight at the county fair for my little sisters and me.  Nothing could match the excitement of picking out "my horse" - and always seeking the fastest looking horse I could find!  (Ummm..or picking out the horse that had the best hair...errrr...mane)  

I found an equal amount of excitement in taking Clara on the carousel this past weekend.  She is so tiny she of course didn't know what was going on - but I can't help but think she loved it too :-)  Both Tommy and I each took a ride with Clara and it was a highlight of the weekend.  Is this what being a parent will be like?  Getting so much joy and happiness at showing Clara these classic childhood experiences? 

I live for this! 

1 comment:

  1. Cutest thing ever. And what a beautiful carousel!

    Hey, you have to get a copy of Scientific American Mind magazine. They currently have an article about how babies rewire their parents' brains.

    So interesting.



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