Monday, August 15, 2011

to the races!

this was when MY HORSE WAS WINNING (it's odds were 30:1 too!)  But at the last second, Tommy's horse beat mine.  Ugh.

I attended a professional surgery conference this past weekend in Saratoga Springs, NY.  My hubs and I were excited to experience the famous horse races!

beautiful animals. 

the jockeys were sooooo tiny!

It was exciting during those fleeting moments when the horses were actually racing - they seriously were going so fast it looked as if they were flying!  (it doesn't look THAT fast when seen on TV!)  As enjoyable as the event was, it was super tricky to do with a baby...with a stroller.  No changing stations in the elevator to access the 2nd floor of the main building where the restaurant/lounge was (we had to take the service elevator through the kitchen..) and people were everywhere.  No really, EVERYWHERE.  I don't think I've ever been to a sporting event...ummm...or any event actually...that had more wall to wall people.  (And there were babies everywhere too - lots of strollers - lots of kiddos.)   

The bonus to having to lug loads of baby gear around was the fact that it kind of made us slow down and stay put for awhile...which led to incredible people watching.  So many elegantly dressed couples...women wearing sky high beautiful stilettos and incredibly flamboyant in suits.  Very dashing, really. Not exactly my kinda scene...but it was fun to see how the other half has fun.

Random, unexpected weekend adventures are my favorite.

these are what all of the pictures of "us" look like...head shots...we need a tripod.

PS:  the conference I attended was outstanding too!  Totally going back. 

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