Thursday, September 8, 2011

my new lens

My father in law gifted us with a new lens a couple weeks ago - and holy amazing -  I am in love.

You may recall (or you may not) that Tommy and I bought each other a wicked spiffy camera for Christmas last year.  Our intent was to learn how to use it before Clara joined us... except it intimidated me.  Too fancy.  Too many buttons.  Too bulky.  Too hard to figure out.  So I let Tommy play with it, and I kept using my little point and shoot.

BUT.  This new lens makes me want to glue the camera to my hands.  It makes the background blurry...just like I adore.  I have a hard time capturing the foreground to be super crisp and sharp...but when I's amazing :-)  I am such a freaking photog genius.  (Obviously, I jest...but I'm impressed with myself none the less.)

Any tips for this new photography kick of mine? 


  1. Love these photos. What fun. While it doesn't look like you do, I had trouble with white balance. Once I figured out how to automatically set the white balance, my pictures looked better. I have Google and YouTube to thank. Next step, figuring out how to properly use my external flash ;-)

    Happy shooting!

  2. what is the lens?! i'm dying to know. i struggle with wanting a f 1.8/50mm lens. But its $400! Yikes.

  3. what kind of lens is it? Beautiful! The best thing to do is just play and practice. Study the basics too.

  4. Read in your booklet for your camera how to a)shoot in AV mode which lets you choose how blurry the background becomes and b)how to choose the spot you're focusing on. That'll rectify your foreground sharpness results... and then you WILL be a photog genius! :)

  5. Beautiful. Clara will never complain that there aren't enough pictures of her. ;)

  6. i want to know what kind of lens does this?? i want one!!



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