Wednesday, October 5, 2011

meet clara's family - a book

I don't know if many of you know about this - so I figured I would share the knowledge.  I get free stuff from couple months...and it's not because I blog about them, or won anything from them's because...well...I suppose it's because I'm a customer.

I rarely print out pictures anymore.  But when I do, I usually have them printed by Shutterfly (and I will use other online printers too - depending on who is running the biggest deal.) Usually, Shutterfly emails me with *free 50 prints* or *500 prints for 1 cent each* which are great and I take advantage of those (you pay shipping).  I always have a shipment sent directly to my mom who is an avid collector of pictures of Clara :-)

Recently, Shutterfly emailed me with a *free 8x8 photo book* that I totally had to cash in on.  I made it to resemble a kiddo book and filled it with pictures of our family members with Clara.  As we live far away from family, I want to familiarize Clara with them.

I think it's rather sweet.  We read it twice today - Clara loves it so much she wants to rip all of the pages out to eat them.

*Originally I had it wrong - and I am SO embarrassed...but was actually SHUTTERFLY who send me free email codes for discounted prints and cards and books!! 


  1. Love this idea! I may have to steal it for my kid. :)

  2. Awesome! We had a little one that you slide snapshots into that had a teether and soft pages. James and Julie both loved theirs and have them to this day.

  3. This is the best new idea for photos.

  4. That is a cute idea!!! It would make a great gift for someone living far away too!



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