Wednesday, November 16, 2011

cry baby

My baby is perfect.  Honestly.  Tommy and I would often sit and marvel at how sweet and lovely she has been since day one.  She started sleeping all through the night at week six...and really only cried when she was hungry.  She cooed and smiled and dazzled us every moment.  Tommy and I patted each other on the back for our amazing parenting skills...daily.

When I would brag talk about Clara to others, some would warn that "everything changes at 6 beware."  I found that advice to be rather strange...and well...rather pessimistic.  But I was secretly terrified for what 6 months would bring.  And when it came...and her mild temperament remained the same, I was relieved and did a thank you happy dance.  And again, at 7 months when she was still our dreamy little one I was still relieved.  Maybe our Clara will be the perfect baby forever.

And then Sunday happened.  And everyday thereafter.  And she has been relatively non-stop fussy.  And needy.  And wide-awake-no-sleep-in-sight-even-at-3am.  And crawling into everything.  EVERYTHING.  And standing up all over the place.  And toppling down.  And teething.  Ohmygod teething.  Oh.  And screaming...screeching...and screaming some more...basically just to hear herself.

And Tommy and I are beyond exhausted and wondering how having a 6 week old was worlds easier than having an 8 month old?  And then we smile at each other because we know we still are the parents to an angel. 


  1. I'm so glad we're not the only parents who congratulate ourselves this way! I think we've been so lucky with how easy Barnaby is. I consider myself warned about that 6/7/8-month change, though!

  2. I love the patting we give ourselves on the back. Eric and I do this and then the pattern changes the very next day. With it all, this too shall pass, right?



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