Friday, November 18, 2011

i dream of kauai

i grabbed all of these beautiful pictures from the resorts website:
If Tommy and I had to do it all over again...the honeymoon that is...we would have skipped big city site-seeing and opted for a romantic tropical get away...with beach sand between our toes and lots of alcoholic beverages with mini umbrellas in them.

I got an email about The Villas at Po'i Pu Kai in Kauai, Hawaii and I cannot stop day dreaming.  Get me outta this cold dry weather!  Please?  I'd love to relax in the warm comfort of the sun with a lush landscape of exotic flowers blooming all around me.  Bring it.

I showed Tommy the website...we hope someday to have the opportunity to travel somewhere so incredible (it's my new vacay dream.).  Golfing, surfing, hiking, snorkeling, beach bumming...heaven.  You should know, they offer amazing wedding packages there.  So basically...somebody get married there and invite us.  Please.

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  1. We just got back on Tuesday. My brother got married there. We stayed at Koloa Landing and it was fantastic. Pictures just don't do it justice. Super laid back, not too touristy.... in a word: IDEAL.
    My post about it will be up this weekend. I want to go back.
    The end.



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