Monday, December 5, 2011

baby products i'm secretly obsessed with

I find myself secretly loving some not too ordinary baby products...items that I ROLLED MY EYES at (before I became obsessed with them of course.)  And when I say obsessed...I mean...I thank my lucky stars for its existence and I use the hell out of it.  Frequently.  Here are my fave things (that I've never told anyone about...but I can't keep the secret to myself any longer...a couple of them are rather obvious things to be in love with (ie: premade baby food) but some are random.)


We were given a wiper warmer as a baby shower wasn't something we registered for...and it was certainly something that I didn't really understand why we would really need/want one.  It was one of those things that we saw and kindof gawked at in the baby store.  Now.  I am so thankful for that thing.  (I personally hate going to the bathroom when it's freezing and the toilet seat is at arctic temperatures.)  The last thing I want to do is shock my baby's bottom with freezing wipes.   Every time we travel I want to take it with us.  I LOVE THIS THING.

2. DESIGNER BABY SOCKS (ie: Trumpet or Jazzy Toes)

Swear to you, when Clara was itty bitty I remember thinking how stupid it was to spend money on baby socks...let alone designer baby socks.  We had a few pairs of normal cheap-o socks and she would basically kick them off within a few seconds after getting them on.  We don't even mess with putting her in shoes...comfy cozy socks are it.  So when I saw cute ones on Zulily that were socks but looked like little MaryJanes, I was smitten and decided to splurge on the $15 for 5 pair (which was 50% off the normal retail price!)  I even thought $15 was completely absurd for baby socks...and I swore I would never tell anyone I was such an idiot as to spend that kind of money on socks.  Picture me now OBSESSED.  We have since been given lots of other socks, but we find that we only want to put her in the designer socks (Jazzy Toes and Trumpet).  They have treads on the bottom so when she is standing up or cruising along the furniture she doesn't fall (hello linoleum floors I hate you).  But the very best part is that they DO NOT COME OFF HER FEET so matter how crazy she flails about!!  Best things ever.  We need more.


The diaper bag we got had a travel changing pad in's like a foamy barrier between Clara and whatever surface we have to change her diaper on. Never knew these things existed...or that I needed one.  Praise the Lord that we have one and that our diaper bag came with one!  Couldn't live without it on our travels and trips.  (The thought of putting Clara on one of those changing stations in the public bathrooms makes me want to vomit.  Seriously.  I shudder) Now that she is bigger we are in need to purchase a bigger one.


When Tommy wanted to register for one of these bulky baby bathtubs I was less than enthusiastic.  I didn't get the point...we had a bathtub.  These mini tubs seemed like a big waste of space that we might only use a few times while she was too little for the regular tub.  Again.  I don't know anything.  I love having this baby sized tub...ours came with an insert pillow thing that she can sit on so she doesn't slide all around and it brings her lil bod up closer to our level as we sit at the edge of the tub (saving our back from bending all the way over the side of the tub to clean and play.)  We use it allllllllllll the time.  Love.


I really try to make most of the food that our little one gets.  Obviously, I can only accomplish this if my schedule allows....but I enjoy making foods for her where I know that they are nutritious without any added preservatives or muck (and I am not typically an organic produce fiend...mostly because it's out of my price range...but I digress.)  There are a couple baby food lines at the grocery store that sell organic baby food with ingredients that read:  organically grown carrots, water...and that's it.  How amazing is that?  The price differential can be somewhat I am sure to stock up when they are on sale (in which case the difference is only about a quarter between the organic and not organic.)   Plus - it is good to have in the cupboards when I don't have time to make anything.  And she loves them.  Thank you, God, for ready made baby food. 


  1. Have you seen the skip hop changing wallets? Its a large changing pad that folds & zips up & can hold diapers & wipes. Before em was born my friend said it was a must have & it was. I used to carry it in the diaper bag. I liked just taking that out to change her instead of rummaging around a full diaper bag to find what I need. Now that em is older & I don't have to bring bottles & food & bibs & changes of clothes, I don't even use the diaper bag. I have everything I need in the changing wallet. I just keep it in my car so I know I have it whenever we go someplace.

  2. ooo...thanks! super helpful. I was just thinking about making a diaper changing pad, now I will! clara is getting even cuter- is that even possible? adorable.

  3. The little girl I nanny for has a diaper warmer and I think it's the best thing ever- I will definitely be getting one when I have a little one of my own :)



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