Monday, December 19, 2011

oh there's no place like home for the holidays

Clara...and the lights

Well friends...we are actually back home in Arizona.  It's a sunshiny day, the cacti are standing tall with lights wrapped around them tight...and I don't miss being bundled up to stay warm one bit!  Clara is obviously the star of the show...always...and will be for a few more years I suspect.  Nothing is quite so peaceful as being surrounded by those who love us most.

This is where we will be for the next few days...thankfully.  Enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones...and wish us luck on the airplane trip back to New York (because we simply cannot live through the nightmare that the flight out here was, again!)


  1. Clara is de-lightful.


  2. Beautiful picture, merry Christmas to you. Enjoy your first as a family if three lady xxx

  3. Uh oh, did Clara cry on the plane?

    So glad you are home for Christmas this year!

  4. Oh my gosh, clara is adorable!! And those leggings... shoot thats cute. I've been looking at little girl clothes- it's endless. I look forward to hearing about the plane trip and any advice/tips you've learned. Happy holidays!!

  5. Yay for Arizona. I'm glad you're home for the holidays..and I hope you enjoy every minute.

  6. ok...where in AZ are you again? I'm in Flagstaff with my inlaws now!!



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