Wednesday, January 25, 2012

better than a bag of cheerios??

When Clara was still nursing and solid foods were months away, I remember having a convo with one of the guys I work with about what he feeds his little one (who is roughly 6 months older than Clara.)  One of the snacks he told me about were made by Gerber Graduates, and he said that having a ziploc bad of those were better than a bag of Cheerios.  The skeptical look I gave caused him to continue to explain that these dry puffed cereal snacks didn't have the exterior shell of Cheerios that enables them to stay crunchy in milk.  These Gerber snack things pretty much dissolve right away so a baby can't choke on them.

To me, this was amazing.  Not being around babies for the past 25ish years makes me a real novice when it comes to anything about babies.  Even something so simple (and potentially obvious) got me jazzed.

A friend of ours bought Clara a container of these little gems at Christmas time and they SAVED THE DAY during our flight back to New York.  She is a few teeth shy of being able to crunch a real Cheerio and so this is an amazing revelation in our happy little world.  A bag of these puffy things really are better than a bag of Cheerios....for now!

(I'm constantly amazed with the products that are made for babies.   And I love that so many of them come in reusable containers!!  We have amazing little storage jars for everything now...and the tall plastic bottles these come in will be PERFECT to keep colored pencils, markers and pens in!)


  1. Oh, this is perfect. Have I mentioned that I love having you give advice for me about a year in advance? It's perfect for my planning self!!



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