Tuesday, January 3, 2012

our magical camera lens

Remember when I was bragging about that super rad new lens that my father in law gifted us?  The one that makes the background a creamy blur?  Many of you asked me what kind of lens it was - and it went unanswered (because I'm a she-tard and literally didn't even know how to find out what kind if was...even when I looked at it I couldn't figure it out...for some reason lens' are too cryptic for me.) 

I found the box this morning!! 

It's a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II.



  1. I have that lens, it's awesome right? And look at that beautiful face up there! Xx

  2. Jes ... I've been following your blog since before you were married. This is a little late [for some reason I never felt the urge to comment/connect before ... silly], but I think you're absolutely fabulous. Your blog has been a source of so much inspiration for not only my wedding, but just life in general. Thanks for such a refreshing read!


  3. nice! thanks....thats actually the same lens i got for a stocking stuffer this christmas. i'm happy to see it photographs little sweet girls well!

  4. She looks SO much like Tommy here. Such a little cutie.

  5. I have heard some pros call this lens the plastic fantastic. The plastic shell makes it affordable but it still has great optics, an unusual combination. This is one of my favorite lenses!



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